Sabrina Carpenter – because i liked a boy (Official Video)

Sabrina Carpenter – because i liked a boy (Official Video)

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Directed by Amber Park
Creative Director Sarah Carpenter
Production Company Radiance Pictures
Executive Producer Nuer Taqa
Producer Zoey Pressey
Production Manager Mike Zielinski
Director of Photography Luis Perez
Production Designers Brittany Porter & Hensel Martinez
Choreographer Jasmine Badie
Stylist Ronnie Hart
Hair Evanie Frausto
Makeup Allan Avendano

Editor Zoey Peck, Ethos Studio
Co-Editor Danielle Schneiderman, Modern Post
Associate Editor Audrey Leach
VFX Foreign Xchange
VFX Tunjayork
VFX Retina Imageworks
Color Bryan Smaller, Company 3
Graphic Design Peter van Lagen
Sound Designer Jack Liden

Jordan Laza
Jazmine Escobar
Tori Joy Caro
Briana Williams
Amanda Masongsong
David Alarcon
Dialló Mítchell
Fabian Gonzalez
Cameron Woods
Hensel Martinez
Brittany Porter
Sofia Valle
Lyena Kang

1st AD Max Dean
2nd AD Daniel Bennaiem
AD PA Yebhe Diallo
1st AC Jo Choi
2nd AC Estevan Falcon
Steadicam Op Garet Jatsek
Crane Op Christopher Sinclair
Head Tech Jaden Nolan
Crane Asst Richard Luna
VTR Bob Mills
Gaffer Tate McCurdy
BBE Colvin Ang
SLT Kylie Allinson
SLT Joe Kosty
LCP Patrick Mattes
Key Grip Brad Powers
BBG Valfrie Tabian Jr.
Grip Taylor Reick
Grip Poppy Shaw
Grip Trevor Breithaupt
Truss Rigging O Grip Rigging Inc.
Oscar Branham
Derek Jimenez
Art Coordinator Chris Cranston
Set Decorator Mikey Avina
Prop Master Sunny Mills
Lead Man Logan Blue
Set Dresser Jesus Alvarado
Set Dresser Oliver Johnson
Set Dresser Kris Ingram
Set Dresser Johnathan Villalobos
Set Dresser Dylan Kolovich
On-Set dresser Michael Coursey
Scenic Lead Dani Manning
Scenic Skye Amber Sweet
Scenic Kobe Wolverton
Art PA Nick De La Rosa
Art PA Richard Cano
Art PA Bill Evangelista
Tiger Trainer Eric Weld
Tiger Trainer Christopher Pollard
Tiger Trainer Heather Long
Stunt Coordinator Robert Brown
Medic Harout Klian
BG Stylist Donna Lisa
BG Stylist Asst Jasmine Amini
BG Stylist Asst Alex Levey
BG Makeup Lead Arielle Park
BG Makeup Asst Sarah Loranca
BG Makeup Asst Malia Sine
BG Makeup Asst Amadora Biscette
BG Hair Lead Melissa Dominguez
BG Hair Asst Laura Cabott
BG Hair Asst Lexi Mazzilli
BG Hair Asst Joseph Torres
Choreographer Asst Starley Carrington
PA Francisco Ruvalcaba
PA Thuy Bercher
PA Alissa Marlow
PA Shokrat Taqa
PA Memetjan Semet
PA Monte Halthon

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I said I wanted thin mints
And you said you knew a guy
You showed up with a boombox
And stars in your eyes
Who knew cuddling on trampolines
Could be so reckless
We bonded over black eyed peas
And and complicated exes

Fell so deeply into it
It was all so innocent

Now I’m a homewrecker
I’m a slut
I got death threats
Filling up semi trucks
Tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All because I liked –
I’m the hot topic on your tongue
I’m a rebound gettin’ ‘round
Stealin’ from the young
Tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All I because I liked a boy

I’m not catastrophizing
Everything’s derailing
Was only tryna hold you close
While your heart was failing
It’s not internet illusion
Just two kids going through it
You said I’m too late to be your first love
But I’ll always be your favorite

Now I’m a homewrecker
I’m a slut
I got death threats
Filling up semi trucks
Tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All because Ii liked –
I’m the hot topic on your tongue
I’m a rebound gettin’ ‘round
Stealin’ from the young
Tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All I because I liked a boy

Fell so deeply into it
It was all so innocent
Dating boys with exes
NoIi wouldn’t recommend it

I’m a homewrecker
I’m a slut
I got death threats
Filling up semi trucks
Tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All because I liked a boy
And all of this for what
When everything went down
We’d already broken up
Please tell me who I am
Guess I don’t have a choice
All because i liked a boy
A boy
A boy
All because I liked a boy

Music video by Sabrina Carpenter performing because i liked a boy. © 2022 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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29 Responses

  1. Book Tales says:

    It’s so heartbreaking how people tear down one woman to raise another up. The girl hate is unfortunately still prevalent in our society. So glad to see Sabrina bouncing back from this, and with such a powerful song and high quality video to support i. she’s one of the most underrated singers out there today.

  2. Lana Blue says:

    Sabrina is such a kind-hearted soul and hardworking artist. Not to mention intimidatingly gorgeous- which is why she got all the hate. In this world everything can be so misconstrued on the internet, by bored people who hide behind a screen. They’ll project their own insecurities and tear down someone just because they’re shining bright. This treatment- especially towards women , needs to change in the industry asap. What I love about Sabrina is she’s so vulnerable with her storytelling and her pain. She is human and admitted she was affected by the wrath of the haters…All because she liked a boy :)) and was dating like a normal young girl (yes Hollywood! Early 20’s is young too!) But she seems to be in a place now where she knows she didn’t deserve any of that and never ever needed anyone’s validation. Stay true to who you are and your art Sabrina, and nothing will ever stop you. 💙

  3. Dani Dunlap says:

    Man this song really shows how song writing can be such an outlet. It gives a lot of insight into how dumb that whole ordeal was. I hope she gets the time she deserves with this album.

  4. CaitlinJoyful says:

    The song is so stunning and amazing.
    It’s just so horrible that she’s had to write it with the meaning that it holds.
    You can really tell that the hate she got hurt her really bad.
    It’s horrible.
    We love you Sabrina❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. h says:

    Sabrina didn’t deserve any of the hate she got. I hate how people continue to judge her when she’s just expressing what she went through. If you’re mad at her for expressing herself then clearly this song is directed to you. Never forgive any of the haters

    • user user user says:

      @릴리 T. Joshua was just expressing his feelings and he had every right to be mad at Olivia. I can understand that you say It was ok for Olivia to stay silent abt her fans harassing and sending death threats to him and Sabrina. But you can’t also say that Joshua has no right to be mad abt it. It’s abt time you guys realize that you can’t defend Olivia while villanizing Joshua or Sabrina

    • Riya Mazumder says:

      @릴리 T. what I really picked a issue here with is you calling Josh a bastard and a trashy guy when EVEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM! And yeah, Olivia is a nice cute bunny voicing her feelings through songs but you don’t consider it’s healthy for Josh to write his feelings? Like wth, and this is you spreading positivity??? What I see is just another toxic livie here

      And before anyone comes after me for this comment, I AM NOT SHADING OLIVIA. I AM ONLY AND ONLY DEFENDING JOSHUA.

    • preppy🌺 says:

      Yk everyone here is assuming that stuff happened, u don’t know the full story and net other do I. Just appreciate the music without getting in their personal life’s. 😟

    • Tiara says:

      @Becksdown her manager at the time probably forbade her from talking about it

  6. LuKas Sebert says:

    Você nunca mereceu nenhum tipo de ódio, estamos contigo e te amamos muito 🇧🇷💕

  7. Nick Omerez says:

    Sabrina never deserved any of the freaking hate she got at all. She is so talented and can sing like no body’s business as we know, but that does not neglect the fact that people were so freaking mean to her and it really gets me mad, I’m not gonna sit here and talk about it because I can but it’s not worth it, stream her new album and this song, she deserves it, love you Sabrina❤️

  8. zoey says:

    This song is so good. She’s telling her side and what we she went through because of another singer’s “blonde girl” lyric. The amount of hate that she got when no one really knew the whole story was ridiculous. Sabrina did not deserve all of that. This is her best music video so far and I like the new album. Congrats Sabrina. You are so talented but so underrated. I hope more people would discover your music and how precious of a person you are 💗

  9. SataJun says:

    This song and MV is so good that the number of likes exceeded the number of views (i.e., right now likes at 21K, and views are at 18K).
    Your song, Sabrina, has broken YouTube and I am living for it. I absolutely adore the entire album; it’s a gem. <3

  10. TJ says:

    This song is not only a masterpiece. It’s a work of art describing how she felt during that shitty drama. And how she had done nothing but date someone with an ex. How she was so innocent and yet she got so much hate because of it. We love you Sabrina 💗💗

    • Mads Gismerica says:

      @britt-marie fanlo Honestly not interested in hearing her voice. She started All This and could have stopped it when both Joshua and Sabrina got Death threats. And she didnt Even visit Joshua when he was in the hospital….they were Still Filming season 2 then.
      I hope they make her completely written out of the show in season 3.

    • Kanylah Jackson says:

      @britt-marie fanlo he did nothing wrong Olivia should have never came up with that song it would have never started I like but still don’t get all upset at Joshua because he liked a girl she likes him he likes her get over it or trip over it your choice

    • britt-marie fanlo says:

      @Kanylah Jackson lol your lack of research

    • Anya Chandna says:

      @Yazmine Caraballo the hell? that’s the most false thing I’ve ever heard. even Olivia said that Joshua didn’t cheat, he moved on in 2 months. After a relationship has ended, he has full right to decide when he wants to move on.

    • Anya Chandna says:

      @Samoya Barrett Joshua did nothing though, he was the most unproblematic out of the 3, got the most hate, did nothing wrong.

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