Saco River Epic Bridge Jumping Fail

Saco River Epic Bridge Jumping Fail

Saco river trip summer 2012, dude decided to jump off a bridge and it didn’t go too well.

Instagram: @thevacalifestyle
Twitter: @khaimartin

Video Credit to Mike Picard

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19 Responses

  1. K_E_K_C_ 2001 says:

    how is this on trending??

  2. f266101463 says:

    YouTube algorithm for you!

  3. Gage Welch says:

    Trending a three year old video with 2 likes and 3,000 views? Hmmm, something isn’t right here. :/

  4. Dren Zajmi says:

    Anyone else notice the dude repeat “he’s dead”

  5. Vogotli says:

    “he’s dead” 0:05

  6. Razzle Dazzle Dorito says:

    This is the quality content i live for.
    This is hilarious……
    (I want to die)

  7. Hexivoid says:

    How does this get onto trending? =|

  8. cristian romo says:

    “I got it on camera” *potato

  9. Hayden McAnally says:

    This only has 3,000 views and it’s 4 years old, but somehow the YouTube algorithm decided that it is a fucking trending video. Fuck this website.

  10. Donald L. says:

    YouTube, can we get more videos like this in the trending section instead of those goddamn makeup tutorial videos? Please?

  11. SubscribeToSyndicate says:

    Although this video is out of place on the Trending tab, at least it’s not more mindless YouTuber circlejerks, paid corporate promotions, or political propaganda from ShillTube.

  12. The Trumpian says:

    How is this trending with only 3k views? … Rigged.

  13. rockstar1751 says:

    WTF! I thought this video was brand new, not a video from 2013.

  14. sharp937 says:


  15. Hugh Mungus says:

    0:05 Gotta love the confidence in his voice. “He’s dead!” Lol.

  16. Ray F says:

    This video is from 2013. The hell this shouldn’t be trending.

  17. Campbell Kane says:

    “He’s dead”

  18. Ibrahim Abbas says:

    title should have been. epic vertical filming fail

  19. Joshua Powell says:

    Ben Stern: I told you not to be stupid, moron.

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