Sad Day for Youtube

Sad Day for Youtube

This is the greatest bad communication of All Time
I stream every day

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36 Responses

  1. WalcomS7 says:

    This better get fixed. Nothing about that video deserved this, other than it pointed out a valid point that YouTube doesn’t enforce its own rules equally. This platform hasn’t had any real changes even after all the meetings and interviews with prominent figures of the platform.

    • Jewels says:

      @Jon Jones 0331 USMC the issue is how can people follow the rules when youtube decides to ignore their own rules?
      Its one thing to be consistent even if controversial but to say one thing and do another is scammy and feels disgusting because of the dishonesty

    • jinx86 says:

      This situation reminds me of the warden

    • MD Sanwar says:


    • wree says:

      True. I even lost my channel with 10k subs a year ago for FALSE STRIKES from a scammer. YouTube is messed up. I gave up wanting to be a content creator bc of what happened.

    • ari huffman says:


  2. ZeoWorks says:

    They’ve been demonetizing videos that have “The Act Man” in the title while discussing the situation. Shocking.

  3. Stan Svitsa says:

    Worst part is only big YouTubers can solve their problems by shining a light on Twitter. Smaller creators are just fucked.

    • alftooka says:

      @Johnny Enrico Damn 5 backups? You must have had it real rough

    • Johnny Enrico says:

      @alftooka happened to me so i made another channel, just in case i made 5 more just in case i get banned or something and have backup accounts set up that never get used

    • yona says:

      @The BreadHead its like they dont want small creators to live

    • The BreadHead says:

      Really kicks smaller creators in the shins. You’re not exactly sure what you’re doing wrong and in some cases the content ID isn’t exactly clear.
      I had a video that got copyrighted, 5 seconds. I took out those 5 seconds and re-uploaded only to have another 5 seconds show up, this went on for about 3 times before I just gave up

  4. Kronos says:

    Every few months, another one of these controversies happens to a beloved creator i follow. This has been ongoing for almost a decade (around about the time youtube monetisation became prevalent in the early 2010s). It just gets worse and worse as time goes on. Initially it started off as neglected communication between Youtube and the creators, causing channels to be deleted or strikes/demonetisations to happen without youtube intervening. Now it’s gotten to the point where they’re intervening and just speeding up the process of screwing over innocent creators on purpose

    It happened to me, and it’s still happening. I just know i made the right call to pull the plug and quit years ago. My mental health absolutely suffered tremendously when youtube neglected to follow up reinstating my channel over an unfair deletion, and it took 8 months to resolve. I can’t imagine the frustration act man is going through, since this is his job. Really upsetting. This website really is stockholm syndrome at this point. We use it daily to consume creators we love and support, but absolutely detest the corporation behind closed doors.

  5. Absorber says:

    this needs to get fixed ASAP. thank you so much for bringing attention to this 🤍

  6. DeadwingDork says:

    I’ve never seen YouTube act so purely out of malice and spite. This is truly a new low. Even if they overturn this it really goes to show how pathetic this system is.

    • Novus Talks says:


    • Random lad On the internet says:

      @Snapchat Snacks nice bait

    • Snapchat Snacks says:

      Shows the power of black privilege

    • Random lad On the internet says:

      @R final response on my side, no they are not obligated to keep people’s job, but other businesses get in trouble for false firing, so why can’t YouTube?

      what YouTube did was wrong, you will not change my mind, I am stubborn and nothing you say will convince me to accept what YouTube did peacefully. You and I should just drop this argument, I’m clearly not gonna change your mind and you’re definitely not gonna change mine. this is one thing I’m strongly feeling about, even if my reaction is childish/I have unrealistic expectations for the site to fix this.

  7. DiesInEveryFilm Customs says:

    Ive had some of my videos flagged for “contains firearms instructions” despite not having any firearms content in it at all, it failed an appeal then 5 months later it was returned and no flags at all.

    • kriss says:

      @DiesInEveryFilm Customs you’re welcome, cheers.

    • DiesInEveryFilm Customs says:

      @pAc hahahahaha ive not had that yet however on Tictac i have and can no longer pin my own comments

    • DiesInEveryFilm Customs says:

      @kriss thanks dude I really appreciate it

    • DiesInEveryFilm Customs says:

      @pAc i had part of a video snippet flagged as its used in a song despite it still been fair use for me to use.
      Had to edit the snippet out to get monetised, i find it ridiculous that if you use a part of something they give all proceeds to the other end rather than a percentage

    • pAc says:

      @DiesInEveryFilm Customs what about having your own comments shadow banned on your own channel? 😆

  8. De_Widow-God Jk says:

    Let’s be real, as long as Susan isn’t concerned about her own position, she isn’t gonna do anything. I mean, Youtube just knows that they can do these things without any big problems for them, which they have already seen in the last years…no…since they exist

  9. bediahvandougaljones says:

    The nudity and sexual content strike was honestly just an excuse. Someone made a decision because they didn’t like what he was saying and they had the power to fuck him over. At least that’s what it seems like. Pure malice and spite.

  10. Zach Conant says:

    Finally people are seeing the bad side to how YouTube operates, they’ve been doing stuff like this to people for a while now.

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