Saint Etienne vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 11/28/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Saint Etienne vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 11/28/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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50 Responses

  1. Bayaz says:

    This game is exactly what I imagined Messi could be like in this team. Messi just receiving the ball in midfield and finding balls into Mbappe and Neymar in dangerous positions. Give Messi the ball, he will find your team goals.

    • shetaki says:

      @Mathew Van Ostin if you love and have passion for futbol you’d give respect where it’s due. You need to know that messi is one of the best instead you decide to compare and just hate. You don’t have passion and don’t know about futbol talking like that. What a shame.

    • Dan M says:

      Against the last place team? Hahaha ok.

    • Dan M says:

      The ignorance in the comment section is insane. They played the worst team in the league and he still couldn’t manage at least one goal. You guys are insane. This isn’t a triumphs. It should have been a 5-0 blow out, at least. Anything less is a complete failure

    • michael miele says:

      Cookie or sticker?

    • Starphysics says:

      Lol st etienne was a man down…

  2. Ethio kana tv says:

    Why is everyone not talking about Ramos performance he was doing good on both defensive and offensive

  3. Glen Robison says:

    Messi with the assist hat-trick. Amazing.

    • esther kisob says:

      Messi cannot score because he has no assist from Mbappe.

    • E. says:

      @esther kisob mbappe didn’t score either…..

    • esther kisob says:

      @E. Yes I know but people just turn their focus on Messi assists because he cannot score. Assists is part of playing the game. Before he passes someone passed it to him. Messi’s followers are always looking for some good thing to talk about him. All the goals he has scored so far at PSG were assists from Mbappe.

    • Al Baptiste says:

      Messi can’t score in league games anymore

    • E. says:

      @esther kisob well if assists are just part of the game then you can say the same about scoring since someone has to pass the ball to you to score. either way let’s not act like 80% of mbappes goals this season have been from deflections or assists from neymar or Messi

  4. Daniel Black says:

    I think messi should just transition to cam. As his speed and agility fade, his passing and finishing will always remain world class.

    • Koen Rolleman says:

      @WYD_RR I don’t blame Messi for not defending but it’s well know that he doesn’t, but they also have mbappe and neymar already not coming back. If you have another right wing attacker next to that and Messi at cam there’s a chance you have 4 people not coming back. That would be a problem as 3 has already shown to be problematic at times for psg

    • Koen Rolleman says:

      @WYD_RR and to say I’m jealous😂😂 I’m loving psg dude, absolutely love watching them

    • WYD_RR says:

      @Koen Rolleman okay i take those words back but having Messi in midfield is a better position for him and for the team. We don’t know if his lack of defense is because he is playing RW, but definitely putting him on midfield can put more pressure on him to help defenders. And as he plays better in that position we can have more goal options for mbappe. If doesn’t work and he doesnt come back to help then just bench him a couple games until he understands he needs to help the team more on defense.

    • YslElgard says:

      He’s been a cam for 6 years where have you been fam ?????????

    • WYD_RR says:

      @YslElgard different team bro, that changed everything

  5. Roy Kim says:

    Messi with 3 assists is why he is the goat man…

    • Jean Duvil says:

      @Philipos Brooks You sound stupid af, is Real Madrid a team or a player? Wtf…. Cr7 has 5 CL, and M10 has 4 CL, what’s your point? Now go and check how many records Messi had, and then Cr7 didn’t have, it’s just vice versa dude. And talking Ballon D’or it’s a personal achievement not a team award, why do you bring CL in that s**t?

    • Ahmed Abdullah says:

      @Philipos Brooks The GOAT.

    • Ahmed Abdullah says:

      @Canned Coochie The seventh Ballon Dior on its way.

    • Ahmed Abdullah says:

      @SanFr6nci5c0 lol

    • esther kisob says:

      @King GRIZZY I have not even didn’t bother reading your entire comments with all your fascination with Messi. I will be glad when Mbappe moves to Real Madrid so I don’t have to watch PSG games and read all these stuff about Messi. Bye, bye.

  6. Simon Kaggwa Njala says:

    Messi even assisted the offside goal lmao. The goat

  7. Chris Busso says:

    8:48 amazing shot. Never thought I’d see the day.
    Ramos, Di Maria, Messi and Neymar hugging and celebrating a goal.

  8. Jorge Soto says:

    It’s still hard to believe all these great players are on the same team.

  9. Cameron Auguste says:

    Messi involved in every attack like he used to at Barca. And going for the finish if possible

  10. Abraham Catalan says:

    Dude I love Messi performance, but Sergio made a huge impact on the defensive side, looked like he was actually managing the defensive

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