Saint Peter’s vs. Kentucky – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

Saint Peter’s vs. Kentucky – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

A high intensity first-round match led to OT and ended with Saint Peter’s upsetting Kentucky, 85-79, with standout performances from Daryl Banks III and Doug Edert off the bench. Watch the extended highlights of the Peacocks’ victory here.

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38 Responses

  1. Carson Claws says:

    Rule of thumb. Don’t ever take your opponent for granted, especially in March madness. Congrats to St. Peter’s!

    • FUD Lord says:

      So every time a favorite loses it means they took the other team for granted – got it thanks. 🤦🏼‍♂

    • Dylan Gardner says:

      @Anthony B cat fans thought this was the best team since 2012. They thought they had this one all but guaranteed. They did not see it coming. Definitely a classic case of looking ahead.

    • Montana Skies says:

      @Anthony B nah, if you listened to Cal & uk commentary in pre game, you’d know. UK radio was already talking about playing Murray st next round

    • Anthony B says:

      Casual comment. They didn’t take them for granted, St Peters just outplayed them and deserved to win/was the better team

    • PradaBrady says:

      carson wassup i remember watchin ur arcade vids back in the day good times man

  2. Carson Claws says:

    Never give up! All credit goes to St. Peter’s congrats to them!

  3. Michael DePinto says:

    I can’t believe I’m Alive to see the School I attended win a NCAA Tournament game and against Kentucky. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Miracles do happen!!! Go PEACOCKS!!!!!

    • Tim C says:

      Normally they’re smallcocks, but today they are full on PEACOCKS! WOhoo! GoCOCKS!

    • Michael Parasolle says:

      I graduated from Saint Peter’s in 1970 and saw the 1968 defeat of Duke in the NIT. it was wonderful to see Jersey City boy Jim Spanarkel show that Run Baby Run team on prime time NY TV ! This may be the greatest NCAA upset ever! And the icing is to defeat coach CAL, who abondoned the NJ Nets get defeated. Am I awake yet!!!

    • PradaBrady says:

      st peters day*

  4. Angeloflics says:

    St. peter’s deserved the win, insane hustle

  5. Carson Claws says:

    8:35 biggest shot of the game

  6. TB1968 says:

    That was freaking awesome. Kentucky thought it was going to be a cake walk and the Peacocks came to play. March Madness.

    • Thematicalprice says:

      Embarrassing for Kentucky

    • Noah Coomes says:

      I’m not some hypocritical commentor that had to be right and prove people wrong. But as a kentucky fan, it wasn’t really thinking it was a cakewalk. We had a really bad run. All our shooters lost their touch, and there wasn’t enough of Oscar thsbiwe to go around. Simply said, this team was nowhere near ready for March.

    • Evan Oliver says:

      the “Peacocks” imagine getting beat by them 😂

    • Doctor Williams says:

      Exactly… The “Branded” institutions have always downplayed their “Unsung” opponents until they learn the hard way.

  7. chanman4rings says:

    Those backdoor cuts. Nothing flashy from them, just basics executed flawlessly

  8. Praying Mantis says:

    The Saint Peter’s Bracket Busters 😄

  9. Sand Theb says:

    You can see the Saint Peter’s boys turning it on at the end of regulation and better during OT. UK just missed too many free throws and gassed out.

    • birch5757 says:

      Exactly. At around 4 minutes left in regulation I looked at my wife and said “this isn’t over, UK looks tired and St. Peter’s doesn’t.” It was visible. Although I didn’t have a dog in the fight, felt bad for Oscar – great player.

    • RichCityKruk 859 says:

      @Montana Skies i agree

    • Montana Skies says:

      More like Cal got out coached as usual. He’s the best recruiter but the man can’t coach & if anyone still says otherwise, they’re probably die hard UK fans.

    • Agent Blake says:

      Really can’t say Kentucky didn’t do this, that, and a third. St Peters simply hit shots, handled the rock, hustled, and wanted this win. Good game

    • RichCityKruk 859 says:

      I am a wildcat fan I bleed blue but isn’t it time for a change we don’t need 1 and done we need good and stay

  10. $coob The Dude says:

    Well now this was a surprise. Who would have thought that Kentucky would lose to St. Peters? A well deserved victory for them in my opinion.

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