Saint Peter’s vs. Purdue – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Saint Peter’s vs. Purdue – Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

In yet another historic upset, Saint Peter’s took down Purdue, 67-64, to advance to the Elite Eight as the first 15-seed to ever do it. Watch the full extended highlights here.

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52 Responses

  1. BE C says:

    Saint Peter’s is for real. Cinderella is kicking A## and taking names. Well done winning on National Peacock Day!

  2. KPZ says:

    I literally went crazy after this! FIRST 15 SEED EVER TO ADVANCE TO ELITE 8!!!! GO CINDERELLA PEACOCKS!!

  3. lexwaldez says:

    Can we all agree that Saint Peter’s are the true winners of this year’s NCAA tourney? So impressive. Love it.

  4. BasicMovieTime says:

    Selfless play. No egos and tough defense. Fantastic basketball

  5. just b godly says:

    This is the most insane March madness ever. Usually that’s gauged by upsets like this but every game so far has been close EXCEPT a couple early round games. That’s what has made this year’s tournament so fun to watch.

  6. arizjones says:

    Saint Peter’s is loaded with guys that can shoot well. They make a high percentage of mid range jumpers and threes. And they make their free throws. Hard work works. Guys were not the 5 star recruits, but they put in the work, and played well as a team. Would love to see this continue.

    • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith says:

      Imagine if they somehow won it all? That would be pretty incredible!

    • littlemas2 says:

      I love seeing the mid range jumper be effective. I think it is a lost art at so many levels with guys just stepping back and always taking the 3 or trying to force it directly to the hoop. So many times if you can get the initial step the mid range is going to be open for a good shooting guard / small forward, but the big men are waiting inside to block it if you go all the way. Banks is not that big, but very effective in that space.

    • Coach K says:

      Officials are calling games different at the beginning and end of the games.

    • David Paz says:

      @ProdBy SinOrSin Hakeem and The Admiral could shoot the ball.

    • ASAP Marty says:

      Props to their coach.

  7. THE DROP says:

    Don’t think it’s fair to call them miracles anymore they really working for it

  8. JR Smith says:

    What a historic moment. I hope they keep going farther i never even heard of that college until they played Kentucky. They really put that place on the map.


    St Peter’s has pro level coaching. The way they move the ball, dump off down low, back door cut, and just generally keep their eyes open, it is so similar to the way the Warriors play it’s honestly uncanny. What we are watching is mediocre players shining through pro-level coaching. I swear to god I wouldn’t be surprised if the St Peter’s coach is best friends with Steve Kerr.

    • David Paz says:

      @Eric Muccino That’s exactly what I thought when his players mobbed him during the post game interview.

    • Wavy Bonaduce says:

      Only disadvantage they have is size

    • Lanre Badmus says:

      @Chiraq Savages Unseen Tweets I’m a Rutgers grad student/fan, we NEED Ndefo on our team next year if he’s transferring. He’s the PERFECT fit for a Coach Pikiell team

    • Chiraq Savages Unseen Tweets says:

      @Sam Keith Ndfeo, Banks, Edert, Lee, the twins and freshman big Rupert can all play at a higher level of D1

    • c10wn baby says:

      His name is Shaheen holloway and he’s been a legit coach for decades. He will be coaching Seton hall next year

  10. Jacob J. says:

    you know whats really impressive. they made their free throws in the end. Many top power 5 programs cant even do that.

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