Saints’ loss to Rams is ‘on the league office’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Saints’ loss to Rams is ‘on the league office’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody say the missed pass interference call that gave the Los Angeles Rams the NFC Championship over the New Orleans Saints is a product of bad replay rules by the NFL. Max Kellerman says it is “the most eggregious missed call in the history of football.”

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66 Responses

  1. Rob K. says:

    It wasn’t human error! It was a blatant no call! They knew it was pass interference, but they just ignored it so LA would have a chance….

    • MountainManMusik LordSeance says:


    • Xzviur Azai says:

      +my love songs Well suddenly the Las Vegas Raiders will be the new dynasty then.

    • Primitive Fish says:

      Taking nothing from the Rams. On every play there is some penalty. It is either called or not. Rarely, very rarely, does the outcome of a game come down to one play. This was one. It was in the open field and once the ball left Brees’ hand all eyes follow. Not ONE SINGLE REF thought that was a flag? Any one of at least 3 could have thrown it! You can argue about how other plays might have affected the outcome of the game. We all know what would have most likely happened had the correct call had been made here.

    • Rob K. says:

      +kuroashi Sanji do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up! You Rams fans are delusional rétards! Saints are better than you! You’re even more lucky than the Patriots, and you’ll choke when Brady takes the field, either way I won’t watch! I hate the teams in this Superbowl. It’s meaningless now…..

    • I'm A Memer says:

      Alejo U.C I can’t believe your actually trying to defend the rams and the refs in that call. Gtfo

  2. LA Clippers says:

    As Skip just said to Erik Dickerson, the Rams are a fraudulent SB team. You should be ashamed, Rambassador.

    It was an epic Sunday only marred by the worst non-call in sports history. It was so obvious. No gray area. The face mask is something some people could miss.

    Saints win the game. Take the knee to kill the clock and kick the FG. Game over. Rams fans trying to support it is no different than Lakers fans thinking their 2002 championship is legit.

  3. corvettebmw says:

    When the Referee’s don’t call a penalty in the first, second, or third quarter it usually isn’t a big deal, but when there is less than two minutes left in the 4th quarter, in the NFC Championship game of all things, the missed or ignored penalty means everything, the Saints got fucked, but the Refs don’t care because its just the Saints, the same thing would not have happened to the Patriots their the sweethearts of the NFL.

    • Steve Aarvig says:

      Hahaha tell that to the 2009 Vikings

    • iRedEx23 says:

      speaking of the patriots, they had more penalties called against them den the chiefs did? 2 or 3 PI calls in a row in the 4th Q i believe it was and a roughing the passer call.

    • Eric Herring says:

      And the Pats and the Edelman call were bullshit and wouldve been the game the ball touched his thumb fuck the pats fuck the rams and FUCK THE REFS GO CHIEFS

    • Speedy Claxton says:

      Sucks to be you. How many years has it been since you’ve been to a SB? Enjoy being a little bitch team in that flyover state.+Eric Herring

  4. Israel Carbajal says:

    That’s how it goes folks… Cowboys get robbed all the time. Deal with it. Dez Caught it…

  5. joe jackson says:

    No one wants to mention that the Saints won the coin toss in overtime. They could’ve righted the wrong of a botched call by scoring a TD, they had control of their destiny much like the Patriots did in overtime.

    • Killa Underrated says:

      joe jackson so i guess how that interception was a push off pi

    • mike brown says:

      Brees interception cost them the game.

    • shaun cole says:

      Maybe the the chiefs and saints should play for a mythical superbowl championship since they both feel they got cheated

    • Brian Ortiz says:

      Rb6 For life that was a great play by the defense and the choke artist Brees came back, you’re so mad you say no loves him ??? I do, you look like a fucking moron you pussy ??? go ahead and cry for the next 6 months thinking what could’ve happened ?? too bad y’all suck

    • muliawan purnomo says:

      True. They were up 13 at Home! Got the ball first in the ot and blew it. Cmon Saints, move on

  6. Chris Simon says:

    Rams fans: if y’all just made this play y’all would’ve won

    How many plays do we need to make when a referee can’t make the call that changes the outlook of who is in the Super Bowl

    • Hemanth Swarna says:

      Pretending like this wasn’t exactly what happened in 2009 to the Vikings.

    • Kiel Riese says:

      +Hemanth Swarna exactly

    • Brian Ortiz says:

      Chris Simon Y’all didn’t really make much plays after the 1st ??? you could’ve pulled a Tom Brady and have Brees score but that’s too much for Brees to do, he’s not good enough. Y’all sorry and y’all crying for the next 6 months talking about home field and Thomas and losing to the bucs, panthers, cowboys ??? just like 2 years ago. Y’all were cocky asf but y’all should’ve been like the panthers at least, make it to the Super Bowl. The rams didn’t even play their best game and beat y’all, that must fucking suck to know the saints played as best as they could and still couldn’t do shit ??? SAINTS SUCK ???

  7. Marcus M. says:

    The word for today is EGREGIOUS!

  8. TheYeezy750Pizza says:

    Literally has to be rigged. NOBODY misses that call it’s literally unbelievable

    • mark chmait says:

      I live in Orange County just south of LA and that has to be the worst no call I’ve ever seen. Right after I told my young boys I guarantee a Patriots win (I don’t like the Patriots) because that’s what the NFL wants to make the most money. It’s disgusting

    • michael x says:


    • Paul Diamanté says:

      I’m just glad Screaming A. Smith is now a commentator for the UFC on ESPN. Finally we’ll get some great insight and analysis from him lmao. Jesus…

    • Hillary Got screwed says:

      TheYeezy750Pizza stop your crying about rigged. They lost fair and square. Hillary got the short end of the stick. Who opens an investigation 10 days for the president voting ? Besides comey

    • Arbi says:

      +david jr I agree 100% in 4 Million in LA 300k in New Orleans.

  9. Nextdoor Gaming says:

    Saying it wasn’t out of saints control is dumb. They were up 13-0 and there was a facemask not called on the rams also. At the end of the day it comes down to who was the better team. There is never a flawless game where everything is called.

  10. DreDaGr8$ says:

    Let’s see the NFL moved to LA couple years back…LA is a bigger market bringing in more $$$ for the NFL…CBS reportedly wanted Patriots vs Rams based on bigger tv markets…idk what else there is to see here

  11. Vincent Luciano says:

    I feel bad for Drew, this was an excellent opportunity to see Brady vs Brees in a Super Bowl.

  12. PG_Jes says:

    We all know THE SAINTS would have a higher % at beating the patriots! They don’t want the patriots to lose! But by also pushing LA agenda for more money…congrats they are going to achieve it crazy how BOTH La teams magically fall into the playoffs! Its fixed for the moneyyyyyyy

    Fine Rigging Evidence – the blatant helmet to helmet

    But hey both these teams had their chances just you have to give respect for the teams that fight through the corruption!!!

    Stay woke my guys & girls

    • Kevin Contreras says:

      You’re just an LA hater. They made the playoffs because they were good enough to make it. Rams won their division and Chargers almost won theirs

  13. NikoRavage says:


  14. Tony Brown says:

    New Orleans got robbed straight up

    • Mrberry11 Gaming says:

      Everyone needs to stop acting like this was the only bad call. There were a ton of facemasks by the Saints that the refs missed as well as a few delay of games. They should be glad they got away with all of that.

    • Nick Martinez says:

      Mrberry11 Gaming The non PI call was game changing (possibly game deciding), but you’re right. Their were so many missed calls throughout the game. Other than the non PI one, the non facemask that would’ve given the Rams a 1st and goal on the 1 to potentially score the game winning TD.

  15. ELEVATOR OF HELL says:

    Because LA you make more money ? duh so simple

  16. Epic Gamer says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  17. mronissopwnage says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  18. Zak Prandota says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  19. Alicia Rodriguez Gonzalez says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  20. Aidan O’reilly says:

    Reinforcements needed!


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