Saints vs. Panthers Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

Saints vs. Panthers Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

The New Orleans Saints take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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93 Responses

  1. Official Bully says:

    Saints get homefield in the playoffs its over,and atlanta dome is homefield for saints. I could see a second superbowl for saints

  2. Sang Nguyen says:

    i hope the saints beat the Steelers

  3. The Nelkin Group says:

    The Saints are at home in the Dome the rest of the year! That’s dangerous!!!!!

  4. Michael Zubay says:

    If the Saints win next week and clinch the #1 seed, they should rest Brees on the last game and let Taysom Hill play that whole game.

    • CL Daniels says:

      Ok guys I would agree, that if we clinch the 1 seed, both QB’s need significant time, do you guys think that Bridgewater should have more reps given that he’s the true Backup?

    • Rashai Sherman says:

      +CL Daniels yea I say Bridgewater should start da last game , taysom hill pretty much good with what he’s already doin for us

    • Matt Slay says:

      Bridgewater. Taysom should rest as well as he’s been integral in trick plays, and we should use him in the playoffs.

    • Michael Zubay says:

      +CL Daniels Bridgewater may be the true backup, but Hill is the future of this team once Brees retires, which may be after they win the Super Bowl and he gets the MVP!

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Taysom Hill was in the Packers camp and they let him go. Another mistake by Green Bay. He is a beast.

  5. adrian rose says:

    Steelers vs Saints about to be a good game ??

  6. Byron says:

    Weren’t the panthers 6-2 at 1 point??

  7. MafiaboysWorld says:

    I’ve never seen a Pick 2 before. ???

    • Leo Junior says:

      There was one back in Dec. 4, 2016. The Falcons tried to go for a 2 pt conversion against the Chiefs, but Eric Berry picked off Matt Ryan, and he ran to the other side of the field for a Pick 2, winning the game 29-28 for the Chiefs.

  8. gor9027 says:

    From 6-2 to 6-8 and no playoffs. What a collapse.

  9. tigerbiterhater says:

    Eagles fan here thanks Saints

  10. coo3disk1 says:

    Panthers have not been the same since they got rid of Josh Norman, if your team goes to the championship, don’t change anything, keep everyone & only try to add to the team you already have.

  11. Tony Snell says:

    Saints stole Eli Apple?⚜️?

  12. R.I.P XXXTENTACION says:

    I don’t know what was better this game or the Saints defense

    • ArlanKels says:

      That last play the Panthers…I dunno was that their Center?
      Instead of blocking he just turned and looked off into right field leaving Newton wide open for the blitz.
      Horrible job protecting the quarterback, hope he gets his ass kicked by the coach for that.


      ArlanKels it was Christian mcafferys fault he picked up the wrong blocking assignment

    • matsu louer says:

      XXXTENTACION getting shot was actually better.

  13. killerboy 1155 says:

    that announcer saying they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs at the end tho lmao ?

  14. Bobby O says:

    Damn. When did MNF commentators get SO AWFUL? Unwatchable!

    • Bobby O says:

      I missed that game so I don’t have a comparison. But “poor man’s Joe Buck” and the third hyper black dude are the worst. It’s like listening to Sportscenter for four hours. Witten is ok, I guess. But that’s just me.

    • Gary Beauchamp says:

      When “Dandy” Don Meredith left the booth decades ago. He was a hoot. Most game broadcasters today are BOOOOOOOING. Madden was maybe the last real character in the booth. It seems the game broadcasters on the networks come from central casting. Gruden was pretty good but he is coaching again.

    • Bobby O says:

      I liked Mike Tirico and Gruden. Sure, Gruden would gush about specific players a little too much sometimes but did really well on the nuts and bolts of the game.
      Tirico is in his element calling football games but it was hilarious listening to him comment on figure skating in the Olympics. ?

  15. Ljloving 424 says:

    Luke Kuechly has my respect he is such a talented linebacker, he is extremely intelligent, and a class act of a football player, regardless of where he goes in life, he will always have my respect.
    – Saints fan

  16. Daisy Montague says:

    Wow. Ugly win. Winning is winning, especially with Colston, Henderson, Meachem, Moore, Shockey, Graham, Deuce, Sproles and Bush being ruled inactive for tonight’s game.

  17. That dude Joe says:

    “This team does not deserve to go to the playoffs after their performance tonight” damn lol

    “What’s that? Ah..playoffs!?…don’t talk about… playoffs!…you kidding me!…Playoffs!?…i hope we can win a game!..”

  18. Diet Clorox Bleach says:

    Just a fun fact about the nfc south:

    Panthers SB appearances: 2 times but lost both

    Saints: 1 appearance and won it

    Falcons: 2 appearances but lost both

    Bucs: 1 appearance but won

  19. FBI : says:

    This game was just a heart attack waiting to happen but a win is a win.

  20. WHO DAT says:

    Yes, Mcaffrey threw more touchdown passes than cam Newton

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