Saitama VS Popeye (One-Punch Man VS Thimble Theatre) | DEATH BATTLE!

Saitama VS Popeye (One-Punch Man VS Thimble Theatre) | DEATH BATTLE!

The strongmen of animation in the most epic bout of all time!

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44 Responses

  1. Nintendo Unity says:

    Can we talk about how unbelievably badass Popeye’s 3D model looks here?

  2. DEATH BATTLE! says:

    Thank you for watching Death Battle for 10 years!

    Unfortunately, some parts of the video had to be muted due to copyright claims. You can see the full, uncut version on Rooster Teeth!

  3. kenny lauderdale says:

    Popeye once turned a Lion into a Leopard Skin Coat just by punching it. Not a LION skin coat, a LEOPARD skin coat.

  4. Comrade Everclear says:

    I fkn love how they transitioned between animation styles. That was seriously brilliant. Fight went the opposite way of what I thought too. I grew up watching Popeye and never realized just how OP he is.

    • groundloss says:

      You cant beat Toonforce, except for using the Dip as Judge Doom found out.

    • The Testing Grounds says:

      Long story short. If it’s toon force/rubber hose, they’re likely not going to lose. Take Deadpool vs The Mask.

    • The Testing Grounds says:

      @groundloss Yep! And I doubt Saitama has any of that just laying around. 😂💯

    • Adam Greyskul says:

      Toon force is something else. If you look at the old cartoons, I mean the REALLY old cartoons they just break reality on the regular. When you try to “realistically” calculate the power it would take to do that it just boggles the mind. It’s absolute insanity.

  5. Robert Holder says:

    I can’t believe I forgot how OP Popeye is. I love the shifts in animation.

  6. wafflehater1 says:

    This was, hands down, the best death battle ever. It’s gone from simple battles, to having meaning. With saitamas realization at the end? That makes this already legendary battle even more so. Congrats on 10 years, and I look forward to not just 10 more, but many more to come

  7. Lil Puff says:

    17:53 They really let Saitama pull out the “Menacing” card with his serious expression. I love it!

  8. Rainbow Dash says:

    I never thought I’d feel so happy to see Saitama finally enjoy himself with a fight he COULDN’T win. You guys put up a fine fight.😁

  9. Leonard Hollsten says:

    I think one important aspect of Toon Force is that while it can allow its user to perform virtually anything, it can only do it so long as its funny. If the situation calls for it, a toon force character can destroy a whole universe, or be destroyed by a bean falling on their face, provided the situation is funny.

    Popeyes victory here even shows that. Popeye could never have won by just punching Saitama to death, so instead it did something funny, namely turning into an egg.

  10. UltraGalaxyify says:

    Let’s be honest here, are we really surprised Popeye won? When dealing with “Toon Logic” real world laws of nature and basic human sanity and decency are out the damn window

    • BlackBoy 27 says:

      @Now Go
      That would be an impossible fight to determine who wins.
      No… seriously.. impossible.

      Both characters are just simply too “toony” if that makes sense.

      This fight here was extremely one sided, cause pinning popeye with anyone actually at his level would be impossible.

      And putting Saitama against anyone who also simply relies on strength would also be impossible as we never see Saitama’s full strength.

      So putting Saitama against anyone would either be an easy win for Saitama, or an easy win for his opponent.

      That’s why they decided to take the safe route gag they can actually come to a proper decision with.

    • The Rational Saiyan says:

      @BlackBoy 27 It’s true we’ve never seen Saitama’s true strength, however we can calculate it, Boros was still conscious for a minute after Saitama used his “serious” punch, and Boros is a planet buster.

      Meaning from what we know, Saitama at full strength is at least a planet buster to possibly a star buster

    • AkioJunichiro says:

      With that logic Porky pig should won against Saitama

    • BlackBoy 27 says:

      @AkioJunichiro yeah.. and he would. Cause once again… he breaks realty, while Saitama is simply really strong.

    • BlackBoy 27 says:

      @The Rational Saiyan
      The calculations death battle used seems pretty legit. Saitama’s single punch with all his strength is at most 4 planet level.

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