Salernitana vs. AC Milan: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Salernitana vs. AC Milan: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Salernitana have been way more competitive than last season, but they ended 2022 with two defeats. AC Milan lost just once in their previous eight tilts.

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32 Responses

  1. Anthony Rue 21 says:

    Daaaaaamn. What a debut by Ochoa. They easily could have ended with a 5+ goal deficit had it not been for him. The greatest goalie that never rightfully made it to a big team, but damn does he make his presence known.

  2. GetBack Gang says:

    I have a feeling this is going to end like it did in Europe with Ochoa having most goals scored on but also having the most saves. Very unfortunate for Ochoa he is a great keeper

    • Sanctified Atheist says:


    • Fidel Ramirez says:

      @Antonio Olverahe’s probably not really one of the most underrated best keepers of this generation as some would suggest, but he isn’t just any ordinary keeper he does have extraordinary reflexes it’s just other areas which he isn’t as good, like positioning. he wouldn’t have been a buffon or anything but he could have proven his worth at a club like PSG if it wasn’t for a whole weird incident that happened a decade ago.

    • David Shoppe says:

      @Antonio Olvera not an ordinary keeper, 2014 and 2018 world cup shows you that, even here with all those saves with terrible defense- you think an ordinary keeper could defeat nuer, he did in 2018 🤡

    • orlando lopez says:

      @Shadow-Man Mexican men are some of the most envious and hateful people you will encounter. They will be broke, poor, living at home and shit on professional athletes making millions to cope. Source – a Mexican guy who grew up there

    • Shadow-Man says:

      @Diego Alvarez i would say you can really only fault him for 1 of those 7 goals conceded. Other than that it was all the defense. And they only hate club America because its the most successful Mexican team. There are a bunch of haters from teams other than chivas that hate America.

  3. Sanctified Atheist says:

    Está madre queda 5-1 si no fuera por Ochoa 🇲🇽 ⚽️🧤 MVP

  4. Oscar Osvaldo Pérez Razo says:

    Good debut in Serie A for Ochoa minus the slight mistake on Milan’s first goal. If he manages a run of good performances with this team he could end up in one of the top next season.

    • Steben Tifer says:

      @Oscar Osvaldo Pérez Razo i know, but in modern football, business(money) is what clubs are only looking for which is is to invest on promising youngsters and sell them for big money and if Ochoa ever moves to a more bigger team from his current team, he most likely will be benched as a second keeper.

    • Oscar Osvaldo Pérez Razo says:

      @Steben Tifer there’s many teams who have had gks until they’re 39 or 40s

    • Steben Tifer says:

      Ochoa deserves to play for a top team although I don’ think no team will be willing to have a 37/38 year old player.

  5. H Hernandez324 says:

    If it wasn’t for Ochoa this game would of ended 6 or 7 to 1 he’s incredible still 🙏👏🏽🙌🏼

    • J C C says:

      @Luis Lopez probably nerves, and wants to impress in debut.. I’m sure he’ll do better once he gets comfortable.. and yes the defense isn’t too reliable.

    • Luis Lopez says:

      @J C C he never does that lol that was weird

    • cristian jacome says:

      @J C C If you replay that play you will see that the defense stopped ruining towards the goal as they saw Ochoa coming out. Then when the forward got past Ochoa they started to run again.

    • Not.Pako says:

      @J C C it was a 1 on 1 situation. That defense could have kept him off or at least caught up fast to assist behind the keeper.

    • J C C says:

      he came out to early for the first goal

  6. Stop Motion Man 2023 says:

    I feel Ochoa could have saved that Leao goal if he simply slid in with his right boot, however, he has made an immediate impact on this team, and I’m happy that he is happy in Europe.

    • Mexican Physco says:

      Bro same I feel if he went a bit more just a bit more he could have blocked it but he still threw himself.

  7. RM MR says:


  8. Footbalassist says:

    Its so nice to finally see Scudetto games with so much action and highlights… I grew up watching Seria A when the greatest players wanted to play there and for a few years it lost pretty much all that glam.. hoping it would get it back Seria A used to be better than the Prem Leage.. I dont expect it to get there anytime soon but these are some good sings.. hat off to the GK player of the match.

  9. Stan Smith says:

    *Keep in mind Salernitanas last 3 games they conceded 3 goal against teams below AC milan without Ochoa so this is a big improvement just gotta get a more solid defense and we’re good*

  10. Alejandro Tabardillo says:

    Does that team play defense or does Ochoa need to do that too ?

    • Manuel Martinez says:



      I can add my comment even the defense shot to Ochoa’s 🥅 can’t believe them

    • Lalo El Joker says:

      @Eli Meli he has always been in teams with bad defense and i blame him for going to those teams in 2014 after the WC he could have gone to another team in a higher level but chose Malaga

    • Eli Meli says:

      Wish he could go somewhere with average defense atleas

    • CptCadoodles Gaming says:

      Even though the first goal is his mistake(very slightly), a good defender knows that when your keeper comes out, you take his spot in goal. The defenders looked like snails getting back.
      Memo is definitely gonna get bombarded with shots but I think it’ll help get him into a more stable club next season.

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