Sally Yates is an American Hero | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Sally Yates is an American Hero | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

And Trump? He is in trouble.

The Scene:

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Sally Yates is an American Hero | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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20 Responses

  1. Benniloco says:

    Sally Yates! ? #RESIST

  2. DebbieC96 says:

    I love ❤️ this man!!!!

  3. silvano novalis says:

    Sally Yates exhibits resolve and integrity. Bravo, Sally!

  4. M4532v says:

    It’s sad that Republicans still defend Trump

  5. Joe Brokenstrang says:

    This is not going to go away. It will build and fester and suppurate before bursting. The sooner we get to the bottom of this the better. There is some serious corruption at the heart of the Executive branch.

  6. hownow says:

    Traitor TrumPutinTard trolls are here, the whiny little bitches … /-:

  7. Chih says:

    Lol Mrs Yates came with all her receipts today

  8. Angel Almazo says:

    The testimony was literally like 10 mins ago and you got a a video up lol Good job and keep resisting ✊️

  9. crapstirrer says:

    She was actually fired for upholding the Constitution and not endorsing the travel ban.

  10. M. Hall says:

    Because Flynn and Trump are both traitors and co-conspirators.

  11. S M says:

    Proof that Trump is a high level Russian intelligence asset. #ImpeachTrump

  12. Stanley Czech Music Archives says:

    Keith Olbermann is an American Hero.

  13. dimplestoomany says:

    Sally did her job!

  14. Emmanuel Mensah says:

    Take that Trump. Sally, you are the real mvp

  15. Norm Sallitt says:

    Trump and all of his traitor clowns will spend the rest of their miserable lives rotting in prison… & I’m going to send him a fresh bar of soap to drop on the shower floor every week!!!

  16. elmartillogrande says:

    Trump is the village idiot.. deserving of NO respect..

  17. ShuiYueSketchbook says:

    I am a Republican, and I couldn’t agree with this more.

  18. Honore 13 says:

    Those insane idiots still say “WE WOOON, GET OVER IT”, or still yelling “FAKE NEWS”!!!? I can’t believe this!!!? Don’t you morons have own eyes and ears?!?! What’s wrong with you trumplovers?!

  19. Lego Insomniac says:

    Trump is a traitor pretending to be an idiot.

  20. Stacy Coldman says:

    D.Trump: Favorable/Unfavorable poll. Shocking results. Vote and see yourself:

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