Sam Harris: Winning the War of Ideas | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Sam Harris: Winning the War of Ideas | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill Welcomes neuroscientist and fellow atheist Sam Harris to discuss the liberal response to radical Islam.

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Wasserman says:

    Does anyone think Harris looks a bit like Zack Snyder?

  2. I agree. says:

    They took our hijabs!

  3. enlessdreams says:

    This guy is my fucking Hero! I’ve never agreed with a person on more topics
    than Sam Harris!

  4. Fahrenheit4051 says:

    They should have mentioned that Trump didn’t ban immigration from Saudi

  5. AhsanY2K says:

    I am a former Muslim because of Sam Harris.

  6. Rectify Stupidity says:

    Call me a sapiosexual… but Sam Harris is one sexy silver daddy.

  7. Jackie M says:

    please let’s not prioritize standing up for Islamism just to oppose Trump.
    let’s think critically.

  8. alejandro frade angel says:

    I think Sam Harris is so…maligned because of the simplicity of his
    brilliance. he says thinks that are true, uncomfortable, but true

  9. Blueberry Incense says:

    Sam is such a centered and intelligent person

  10. New Message (Unread) says:

    This was offensive to Batmen everywhere.

  11. danial tahir says:

    Great conversation. Bill and Sam Harris ?

    From pakistan! ❤

  12. A l e x a n d e r (Laïka) says:

    As an aside, the thing that pisses me off about Bill… is that he speaks
    way way way way TOO MUCH when all he is… is just the fucking host. I
    think he’d love to interview himself for every show if he could. STFU and
    let your guest speak and don’t cut them off.

  13. Haytham Kenway says:

    liberals, why do you want so many muslims coming here?

  14. Smooth kriminal says:

    Athiest have more morals than Christians and Muslims combined!

  15. William L. says:

    Shut up, Bill, let Sam speak!

  16. Ice Queen says:

    I ‘d like to know what George Carlin would say about the lefties today!

  17. TheTranceCartel says:

    The left is definitely not winning the war on ideas.

  18. Asem Saleh says:

    Islam needs urgent reforms. I am from Syria and we have been talking about
    this for years, years before the crisis of 2011 began. However Muslims
    simply refuse. They consider any criticism to be an insult.
    The Quran has problems. The Hadith has even more problems.
    Islam condones stuff like: Polygamy, Slavery, women abuse, child abuse,
    Jihad to spread Islam, Death for apostasy, the followers of other faiths as
    second or third class humans (Jizya, Dhimmi), etc.. A lot of Muslims agree
    on this stuff. For many of them, it is just a matter of capability. Are
    they able to impose their Sharia law or not? As long as there is a military
    boot that can crush their necks, they won’t dare to demand Sharia law in
    huge masses, but wait until the security in your country is weak to see
    them in full Islamic mode.

  19. Hunter Gunnells says:

    I am a right leaning individual…. how on earth do some left wing
    individuals think this guy is unreasonable??

  20. Mechanical Fix says:

    Man, Harris absolutely smashed this. Didn’t find a single point that wasn’t

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