Sam Smith Is Too Good at Two Scares

Sam Smith Is Too Good at Two Scares

British pop star Sam Smith told Ellen about the friendly ghosts in his new haunted house, so she figured why not have a couple in studio to make him feel at home?!

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20 Responses

  1. Anonymous Youtube Commenter says:

    I love sam they seem so sweet

  2. ThisIsNajma says:


  3. Clandestined Affair says:

    👏Leave me alone.
    Get 👏 Out 👏

  4. madisoned says:

    He’s so nice, we have to scare him twice

  5. Legend101 says:

    Sam probably won’t want the ghost to STAY WITH HIM now

  6. SONEXOLyaodevi520 ggexorvnctsujushineetvxqbtob says:

    He is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Some Black Chick says:

    Wow that’s pretty scary, you know what’s more scary? Being so black guy cool.
    Let me show you how you too can be black guy cool. No matter what. Sort of

  8. Andy says:

    The best one tbh. The second one was EPIC

  9. Candysugar345 says:

    BTS needs to be on ELLEN!!

  10. XderpyX *kid* says:

    Why not do this to Jesus campos ??

  11. Ian Nicol says:

    1:28, I see what ur leg did there Ellen!!

  12. Allyson Law says:

    He’s so cute

  13. Maggie Sydney says:

    He’s so pure, down to earth and sweet. How could you not love him 😭😭😍

  14. zanina yassine says:

    I have uncovered Ellen’s master plan she just scares everybody to death… and soon enough in a couple of years we ll witness a mass extiction of young hollywood starS from mager heart issues that’s when Ellen come in I mean she dances, acts, sings, models, she an amazing host she does it ALL… and then she s gonna claim the throne….. DAMN I AM A GENEOUS FUCK.

  15. Disney Fan says:

    She did that neck thing again

  16. therese lillis says:

    I missed Same Smith singing. Can’t locate it.

  17. athena phet says:

    he’s so precious

  18. Nadia Timberlake says:

    He is so freaking adorable!!!! Love him!

  19. Hannah Hilst says:

    My best friend and I used to spend a week in the summer at a “haunted” church… we were alone at night making tie blankets in the chapel and heard crystal clear footsteps coming from the alter area! It sounded like an adult male’s shoes with a classic style heel. Super weird. 🙂

  20. Vladimir Janic says:

    Hahaha… Ellen kicking the box with her leg is so funny.

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