Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Red Nose Day 2015) ft. John Legend

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Red Nose Day 2015) ft. John Legend

John Legend joins Sam Smith for this special version of Lay Me Down for Red Nose Day 2015.

‘Lay Me Down (feat. John Legend)’ out now in the UK & US (out globally from 10/03/15):

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Sam Smith’s debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ is out now:

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Music video by Sam Smith performing Lay Me Down (feat. John Legend). (C) 2015 Capitol Records Ltd.

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon Gommer says:

    orgasmic. John Legend did well… but Sam Smith just fits better with this
    song… my opinion at least

  2. Dee Bailey says:

    okay, sometimes John Legend’s voice can irritate me in a way that is
    unexplainable and of course this is my favorite song from Sam Smith!! This
    rendition with John and Sam is awesome!!! LOVE IT!! and all for a great
    cause too!!

  3. santun sahala says:

    ive been touching for many times since the first time i heard your voice
    sam. May God bless you

  4. Tina H says:

    Oh wow, this is brilliant. Love it.

  5. Michelle says:

    +SAM SMITH +John Legend I am obsessed with this ! I love it so much ! ❤️

  6. shineshine shine says:

    Wish Sam Smith and Mariah Carey would do a song together <3 That would
    sound sooo GREAT !!!! 

  7. mavis clark says:

    Why do people feel so pressed to critique everything? Just enjoy it. If you
    feel you can do better then do it. 

  8. Charlee Sweatman says:

    Love this :)

  9. Bárbara Guitart says:

    we are so lucky guys, this collab is amazing, my ears are melting while i’m
    listening to this. ♥ thank you, much love from Argentina :3

  10. Zprincess01 says:

    Both sound beautiful. I am a Sam Smith fan and has been a John Legend fan
    since I saw him live in concert years ago! Both so talented.

  11. pinkfairyz says:

    dont change something thats already perfect

  12. Zprincess01 says:

    How could 158 people dislike something being made for a good cause? must be
    158 heartless, selfish so called humans.

  13. Aragorn Anatan says:

    This is perfect. I cried. :’)

  14. Alena Haluza says:

    It’s impossible, can’t stop my tears..

  15. alain gaerlan says:

    2 different artists no need to compare they have thier own style own
    quality of voice so no need to compare they are both fantastic. 🙂 no one
    is good no one is better. but they are.

  16. MusicFrissoner says:

    wowwwww i like jlegends version too

  17. L エル Eru says:

    Sam Smithft. John Legend the best collaboration of the year

  18. L.A. Sea says:

    This song always makes me ball. My song reminds me of my ex that took his
    own life. I cried even harder hearing this duet. Damn…this song is

  19. Andrew A says:


  20. Tracie Taylor says:

    Lay me down by +SAM SMITH +John Legend #rednoseday Xx