Sam Smith – Writing’s On The Wall (from Spectre)

Sam Smith – Writing’s On The Wall (from Spectre)

Writing’s On The Wall’ by Sam Smith, the official theme song from Spectre

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20 Responses

  1. Tery Yazze says:

    great voice, song is eh..starts out great but then fades into an anything

  2. Moon child says:

    Slayyyyyy me King Sam!!!

  3. Ore B says:

    Sam Smith is such an Adele wannabe

  4. CindyMediaGeek115 says:

    This song seriously fits perfectly for this james bond movie 😀 nicely done

  5. Cayden Elliot says:

    Sounds like a Bond song to me… it works

  6. Jack Merry says:

    yes i know the movie if you look at the comments i said the lyrics are well
    done the tune hasnt got the same effect as all othere james bond movies

  7. Ricky Caurdiea says:

    This is the worst theme out of the Daniel Craig Bond films. Still a decent
    song, though.

  8. Tarek Ali says:

    A dark, brooding and more intimate Bond song. Perhaps fitting to the new
    motif and template that Sam Mendez is promoting.

  9. iluvsoulmusic says:

    How do you go from the masterpiece that was skyfall to this crap?

  10. Jack Merry says:

    can i also point out i have nothing against sam smith

  11. wendy wulleart says:

    Beautiful song Sam xx

  12. Madonna Graffiti-Heart says:

    worst bond song ever

    And now a pretty boring video to go along with it.

  13. Mazen mansour says:

    Omg ???????

  14. J. Subs says:

    I honestly feel like Lana Del Rey was just better up for the song for
    Spectre, it would just go so great with the film. Listen to 24 (which is
    most likely a contender for this) by Del Rey before you comment back

  15. xkittycat says:

    my entire body is shaking ??
    Sam Smith is Bae ?

  16. munroe4985 says:

    good song but a terrible bond theme

  17. emil kelbali says:

    Some parts of the song sound like Michael Jackson `s “Earth Song”.

  18. muzal says:

    With all my love for Sam Smith – this song does not fit into Bond’s genre .
    I’m a little bit dissapointed.

  19. Topher York says:

    Adele who channeled shirley bassey and completely crushed set the bar
    really high. This does not reach that level for me. It’s good but i’m not
    going to put it in the top tier of bond songs.

  20. Dan Hogge says:

    eh a bit melodramatic not great. definitely would have got tom Jones to do
    another bond theme