Sami Zayn and Jey Uso are Ucey; Kevin Owens is not | WWE Raw Highlights 11/28/22 | WWE on USA

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso are Ucey; Kevin Owens is not | WWE Raw Highlights 11/28/22 | WWE on USA

Kevin Owens is still not buying Sami Zayn with The Bloodline. WWE Raw Highlights 11/28/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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40 Responses

  1. Over9Kilo says:

    Just when we all thought it was getting stale. This story just keeps getting better. I’m not ready for it to end honestly

  2. SpookyRob33 says:

    I never want this storyline to end and I have never said that about a wrestling storyline!

  3. Brett Anderson says:

    Everybody: “Why did Sami turn on Kevin Owens” *forgetting the amount of times Owens has turned on Sami*

  4. jvstice56 says:

    It’s been a long time since the last major long term story was this popular with the fans. As soon as Sami said “Feeling ucey” a month or so ago and the crowd just started chanting it, I knew that it was definitely clicking.

    I hope the creative and booking teams can keep this going to WrestleMania. This definitely is beginning to develop into something that ends on the Grandest Stage.

  5. Roger Mitchem Jr says:

    I have to admit I get more and more intrigued by “the bloodline” story more and more, and now that Sami Zayn’s been accepted full now it just makes the story that much more interesting to me

    • Dan Day says:

      @hey whats that over there or, it was the plan for Sami to get accepted, and him and ko get the tag titles after they tear the bloodline from within. Or Sami helps ko win in a match against Roman.

    • Mile Hy says:

      It makes me feel Solo is going to be the Crack in the bloodline

    • Byron Mannn says:

      Something tells me this is all the mind games to the bloodline now that sami has all they’re trust

    • HeadInDatPilla says:

      @Randy Lynch im thinking the Royal Rumble is going to be a turning point

    • Randy Lynch says:

      Don’t to get too comfortable.. remember it’s a show.. and remember how many times sami refers to himself as the “master strategist” lol.. the story is about to take a big turn.. stay tuned

  6. Brandon Noe says:

    The most underrated part of this storyline is that Jimmy and Jey have different personalities now, they were very similar before now their so different you can easily tell them apart

  7. Choice Meat Randy says:

    I love how the usos have gone ahead and made themselves stand apart from each other. For the life of me, since 2014, I could never tell which uso was which, Jey especially has evolved tremendously.

  8. RussellMuscle says:

    This storyline keeps getting better and better 🔥

  9. Randy Pastor says:

    Love that Jey has accepted Sami & even stood up for him.

    • Goliath Gar says:

      Never would’ve seen Jey would hug Sami if the Bloodline did won Saturday night, but I still think Jey and Sami will return if someone pushes one of them in the way of a match and they will lose (either for the titles or still accusing)

  10. j0elsuf says:

    This is what MJF being in the Inner Circle during most of 2020 SHOULD have been. Glad that Sami being in the Bloodline was an upgrade of sorts to it.

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