Sami Zayn smashes Roman Reigns with a steel chair: WWE Royal Rumble 2023 highlights

Sami Zayn smashes Roman Reigns with a steel chair: WWE Royal Rumble 2023 highlights

After successfully defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns and The Bloodline launched an assault on Kevin Owens, but Sami Zayn refused to participate and paid dearly for it. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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33 Responses

  1. skysand storms says:

    This story was built up beautifully. The crazy thing to me is this didnt feel like a turn. It felt like a being human moment. Knowing that even being with a family, family can still go to far. And the fact that he really changed jey even though he is the hot head and quick to kick someone he knew it wasn’t right being like that. It’s one thing to show dominance then to just be torturing someone. Everyone felt this moment coming eventually and you could tell the crowd was so invested in sami. This moment has really now made him the biggest superstar right now. Can’t wait til Monday. Jey made me tear up.

    • Omar R says:

      @filamacan ♥️

    • Z Q says:

      @Zedeezia seriously???? He did??? damn!! No wonder jay walked out on them, he’d never do it again, beat on someone who he sees as a brother or is family!

    • Z Q says:

      Exactly, you could see it all on Sami’s face, he couldn’t take how brutal and out of control Roman was becoming and being to KO during and after the match. He didn’t care for KO but there’s a thing as going to far and too much and Sami didn’t and couldn’t be apart of something so brutal.

    • YourUserNameSucksx10 says:

      The emotions from Jey was felt!!!

  2. Jell King says:

    I teared up a bit when Jey walked out. This was some of the best story telling and acting I’ve ever seen in wrestling. I’m gonna miss Sami Uso.

  3. DJ Skandalous says:

    Love the call back to Seth Rollins turning on the shield. The story arcs for both Sami and Jey have been tremendous 👏

  4. TheBlooRayChannel says:

    This for me is the greatest wrestling story ever told. So unbelievably gripping since Day 1. They really are the ONES. Sustained, gripping segment after segment. Had everything. I was standing 3 feet away from my 65 inch tv the entire time, in complete awe and disbelief and a bunch of other emotions. Congratulations to all of them for playing this out, LIVE, so beautifully.

    • techCUISINE says:

      @Its Litty Fam Highway to Hell 1998 (following the Tag Titles tells multiple storylines). Also Post Summerslam 98-Survivor Series 98 (all of the Rock, Mankind, Shamrock alliance/matches w/ Taker, Kane and Vince), it includes the Rock turning face vs. Vince, the Nation split etc.

    • shotbyronald says:

      Have u heard of evolution storyline , have u heard of taker vs Batista, edge vs cena way better but this bloodline is the only good we have so far in the last 10 years

    • Its Litty Fam says:

      @techCUISINE oooof that was good! I’m gonna go and rewatch this one. Are there more? I kinda wanna go on a good storyline binge watch?

    • PSYKSY says:

      @J M it’s Vince and Heyman the whole storyline with Samy was already written and planned before Vince step down

  5. AcornPlays says:

    Incredible storyline. I want to point out that when Roman turned heel a lot of us were like “oh he’ll be face again in no time cause he’s so cool.” The fact he’s still heel 2.5 years later is a testament to just how good he is

    • shotbyronald says:

      I will agree he improve his mic skills and entrance a lot main eventer forsure I expect him to remain CHampion over 1000+ days and get defeated at summer slam not WM

    • Levi Uzumaki says:

      I hated him as a face, to be honest. It just wasn’t for him, but I love him as a heel it feels like he can be himself more, and be more free creatively.

    • Ced Honeywood says:

      Yeah barely anyone likes it but
      I love his new persona from jump
      Cause he stated I’m not a good guy I’m The guy or something to that caliber
      Nd he’s owned it

  6. Manny G says:

    The long-term storytelling, the emotional performance, the excitement and anticipation for what comes next. This is professional wrestling at its finest! 🤩

  7. Uncle Sloth says:

    Greatest segment in that last 6 years, So sad the bloodline story is coming to an end. Truly a A-Class wrestling moment. That pop for Sami was 2014 Daniel Bryan Level. The road to wrestlemania is looking magnificent.

    • Ow Lova says:

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    • hugo alvarado says:

      Ehh idk man I really liked kofi mania, but this has been the best since 2019 tho.

    • Desert Chrome says:


    • Uncle Sloth says:

      @Stone Harper elaborate

  8. The VoV says:

    Can’t believe how good this was. Sami Zayn one of the best pure actors in the whole roster. and the fact that they gave it so much time to nurture the story to get to this point and not rush it is so respectful and awesome to see.
    something wrestling and the entire world needed. and WWE’s faith in us was rewarded.

    • K says:

      but u know it gets ruined because EVERYBODY EXPECTED THIS but hey i pretended to not see this coming yet it still hurts that they actually done it

  9. KiritoVaati says:

    I really hope Jey gets a solo push at some point after this. His work in all of this has been impeccable, and the one I feel for the most next to Sami

  10. SES says:

    Did Sami just got one of the greatest pop in wrestling history? He absolutely did! Definitely the biggest Chairshot-pop ever

    • i New Day i says:

      @Giuseppe Ciancamerla that was a special raw, there was over 40k fans there

    • Giuseppe Ciancamerla says:

      @i New Day i that was a regular episode of Raw, but yesterday there were around 50k people. The moment you are talking about is one of the greatest moment in history, but there’s no way it was louder. As someone already said, they made clip their microphones, do you have any idea of how much noise do you need to make that happen with modern top-tier microphones?

    • i New Day i says:

      Lol no. That belongs to stone cold steve austin when the glass broke when he returned to help mankind win the wwf title

    • Gorigui Monke says:

      the pop literally made their mics clip, it’s insane

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