Sami Zayn Takes Care of Family Business | WWE Raw Highlights 10/10/22 | WWE on USA

Sami Zayn Takes Care of Family Business | WWE Raw Highlights 10/10/22 | WWE on USA

The Honorary Uce is taking matters into his own hands. WWE Raw Highlights 10/10/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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36 Responses

  1. TheTruthKills says:

    Sami Zayn is just what the Bloodline needed. Just when the angle was getting stale, Zayn shot new life into the entire thing. Thank you Sami.

  2. Michael Howard says:

    Sami Zayn is a national treasure that must be protected at all costs.

  3. Zakue says:

    Ever since Triple H took over, the Bloodline has become more entertaining than ever, Sami’s involvement has been comedy gold.

  4. SossBoss says:

    How did they throw Sami where he has no idea being and he’s become a even bigger star?🤣 he’s a legend

  5. Junito santiago says:

    Sami is making the bloodline look like baby faces I love his vibe

  6. Cereal Killa says:

    Jimmy n jey character development has been amazing in this run. They’re complete opposite of one another. They even got the non verbal communication and body language down when things are happening around them.

    • Ben 8473 says:

      You are very good at describing nothing.

    • E. Jones says:

      Facts tho!!

    • Taquay White says:

      I agree, they’re characters used to be too similar. Like I get they’re twins but now that they can basically play their own character and not just have to be the same character it shows how good of workers they actually are. Jimmy plays the happy go lucky character great and jey plays a phenomenal hot head so it’s nice to see them be different for once

  7. Oleda Cooke says:

    I think part of what made me laugh so hard at Sami telling Jey he’s not acting very Ucey is because Ucey is part of Jey’s screen name on his socials. Had me dying. Anybody notice Paul seemed to be feeling come kind of way that Roman and Same have been having chats? This storyline is everything great! It’s hard to believe this is the same crowd the booed Roman like crazy at Summer Slam. What a difference a few years makes.

    • Trey Sykes says:

      Yeah I saw the Paul thing in the back too I’m loving that the story telling has gotten back to a point where that tiny thing maybe be the beginning of a huge thing down the line it makes you watch every segment on the edge of your seat.

  8. Jonathan Keeter says:

    Loved seeing everyone break character while trying hard not to.

  9. Imerie-Kavelle Lee says:

    Why is this so hilarious and actually enjoyable? I can’t remember the last time I genuinely laughed at a wwe segment before. This was great. Thank you Triple and thank you Sami. You continue to be hilarious every week.

  10. J0K3R says:

    Sami is like an avatar of the audience. he literally recites what we’re all thinking lol

    • Skribbly LaCroix says:

      Sheeeeiiit, Jey is always saying what I’m thinking. Sami is obviously a doofus. And everybody thinks it’s funny. 😂

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