Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods! Impressive..

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods! Impressive..

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review. At $129, these are a steal for features you get! Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods comparison. Water test, drop test, range & sound test.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Hands On:
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97 Responses

  1. Josh Lassiter says:

    you said it took Samsung 2 years to make an airpods competitor. Samsung released its gear icon x wireless earbuds long before airpods were released.

    • stillatin says:

      +ewt415 Apple watches are garbage, pick another slant

    • Zoren Connor says:

      +High Biscuit first gen was me but they did do it first. second gen destroyed the airpods

    • Emma H says:

      +Turtle Tail To be honest airpods are only good if you have an iphone for ease of use but if you want sound quality there are other wireless headphones out there. Also if it is ease of use you want then airpods are good for Apple and the galaxy buds will be good for android.

    • reggiehil says:

      Exactly man! Haha the icons have always been better than air pods

  2. Ahmad Yar says:

    Tbh I’m 100% apple user but seriously apple isn’t innovating so much lately

    • Zachary Justice says:

      +Tessa Thomas if you choose Apple over Android, you are buying into the belief that having Apple products makes you a better person than those that do not and you are just trying to find some validation for your life with a brand name.

    • johnnyboyfart says:

      +Mahmodur Rahman You a dumb ass moooslim nigga, Apple came up with the wireless headphones and now all the competitors are doing it just now. get youself checked you dimwit

    • B bence says:

      Tessa Thomas right now i use iPhone 8+ i gonna buy Samsung fold so i broke too? ?

    • Vince says:

      +ppshamer so if he buys a $1000 android phone he is broke?

    • Kush Patel says:

      not since the iPhone 6s everything till then is ass

  3. iTrustStream says:

    What Mic do you use ?

  4. vDaBest says:

    I finally got AirPods

    Now all I need is an iPhone.

  5. Rafeed Ullah says:

    We all know the jump rope test is just him flexing

  6. Just Chill says:

    *almost imerged the buds under water*. Oh oh, I’m afraid this ain´t sweat proof. -_-

  7. Callum Hurley says:

    “I’m scared that these aren’t sweat proof”

    Do you sweat like a tap?!

  8. howtobeabeast says:

    Gear icon x came out months before airpods tho…

  9. Anthony says:

    5:48 when apple user using Samsung product ?

  10. Hector Soto says:

    “I’m scared that they aren’t sweat proof”

    Dude you continuously ran them under water. Nobody sweats like that.

  11. Sami Haque says:

    I can see why Samsung didn’t give him anything else other than the buds, cos this felt like a very biased review trying to be unbiased as he could be

    • Ken Kaneki says:

      Sami Haque his facial expression says it all and just the way he talks when comparing the two….

    • nedimhalilovic1 says:

      Yeah, like when he said that Samsung is catching up even they’re late for 2 years, Samsung was already beating the shit out of iphones with headphone jack, they didn’t even have to make these buds.

    • Edgar Wagt says:

      +Mr. Elecentric He didn’t even pair them to the android phone, complaining about it not auto playing or pausing, which airpods don’t do either on android I don’t think

    • XxBoyGamingYT xX says:

      He litrally review the clicking like wtf

    • Whu Hiu says:

      +Mr. Elecentric he basically was saying throughout the video “uhhh this isn’t bad but apple is better” when it was obvious Samsung buds were better

  12. Ozgur Sen says:

    You have to download the Samsung gear app and enable the options to use the features it comes with.

    Please redo the review

    • Please kill me says:

      +Professor Pepe
      You don’t need to work at Samsung to know the flaws of a review

    • Razar the Raven says:

      You have to download the app if you don’t have a Galaxy Phone. The app is preinstalled on the Galaxy just like the Watch app you find in on iPhone. (You can even use the Buds on your Galaxy without the app but you will no longer customize the functionality of the buttons)

    • reggiehil says:

      Exactly. Watch a real review from Flossy Carter. This dude is a joke.

    • Jeff life finds a way Goldblum says:

      Ozgur Sen it’s a headphone review please get a life

    • Quick Duck says:

      Jeff life finds a way Goldblum Exactly it’s a headphone review he should show it to it’s full extent.

  13. Robert Mata says:

    It’s all just “good” to his bias apple fan boy love.

  14. Sami Haque says:

    You can tell how biased he is towards apple, reluctantly letting Samsung win in some areas

    • Jaay says:

      Cyberpunk VR that has nothing to do with how the products themselves hold up. Try again

    • Mr. Elecentric says:

      Yet he’s thrown more shade at Apple than ever before in the recent weeks… please…

    • Ultimate Randomness says:

      Cyberpunk VR okay, all the damn sites that say that Apple rips people off as it only takes 300$ to make a phone aren’t factoring in anything. The months of R&D, software development, employee fees etc. that adds up, hardware is the only thing that makes phones run you know.
      Ps how do you know Samsung isn’t ripping you off too? They never mention prices it takes to make their phone ( or if there is one I have been unable to find it)

  15. Just Paul says:

    You got the chocolates and the buds instead of the S10 because you have an apple channel ??

  16. mohyi M says:

    0:16 just like it took 9 years for apple to catch up to amoled and 3 years to catch up to wireless charging and many more

  17. Alan Corp says:

    I was going to get this, but I realized that I consistently pour gallons of water out of my ears, so this won’t do any good for me.

  18. KoreeJS says:

    ? the way he white washes the quality of Samsung. Bro Samsung’s pods are better sound quality than AirPods; it’s not gonna kill u to say so.

  19. Switch says:

    Who else leaks water out of their ears like this? ?

  20. Stef x Gaga says:

    Apple REALLY needs to up their game and add chocolate to all their products

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