Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy Fold. Forget the crease, folding phones just took a step up. This is dope tech.

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25 Responses

  1. TessellatedGuy says:

    Honestly, I think it’s pretty nice, but there’s no way I’m buying it. And I guess that’s what Samsung wants, impressions, not amazing sales.

  2. Jelan Bulger says:

    How do games play on it? Do they work on the smaller screen?

  3. Monika Sharma says:

    This smartphone’s ram is more than my smartphone’s storage

  4. nidzam adzhar says:

    in home screen settings on unfold, can you use quick panel notification pull?

  5. shawn cypret says:

    For that price I’ll never get this phone I just can’t wait until LG and Motorola make a phone like this

  6. Nikhil Tare says:

    I love the new name ‘Samsung Galaxy Candy Bar’

  7. Pedro Henriques says:

    Looking forward to Motorola proposal… RAZR “style” is more “practical”… in my perspective.

  8. Obed lucksom says:

    Thanks for making video, worth watching, keep up the good work…..

    • thomas horvath says:

      ‘Here are commenting only people from India or a very poor countries, that can’t never get a such device like this, that’s funny

    • School News says:

      thomas horvath maybe you should learn some decency. probably has more than you.

    • Emir Geçir says:

      +thomas horvath I wanna study at US or join their army… Oh wait they are both a shooting range. // Oh I want to help out countrys as England oh what? We accidentally attacked all the developing and poor countrys? Yeah that was a misunderstanding.

  9. Manuel Rojo Garcia says:

    New tech is always expensive. Idk why people are surprised

  10. Thy Alex says:

    Mmmmeehh i def. Get one in like 5-8 years when they perfect it. Folding smartphones will be amazing by then.

  11. ShaunandShawn says:

    I’d probably like it more if it had a really good exclusive video editing software on there.

  12. Cyril Obiozor says:

    If they fill out the front display and remove the inner notch somehow…This will be the wave…its actually pretty impressive.

  13. Cham Macalalad says:

    video starts* me: ugh fkin large bezels
    @0:07 good lord its a tablet!

  14. doop says:

    Will there be a Galaxy Buds impressions or review?

  15. Braden Hazle says:

    Yes this looks very clunky and gimmcky but it is still a step forward in tech. I hope early adopters do put in a lot of input so this concept can be improved. I’m excited

    • Thriift says:

      Braden Hazle right. To be honest this looks like a bit of a joke now but something like this is definitely the future. Once it gets more polished and advanced we will never look back.

  16. MrGrimmFrog says:

    Put 2 galaxy folds together with those magnets… Idk what’s purpose of that, but I’m really curious how does that look

  17. Be Gone THOT says:

    the moment when you hear the price is “$1980”

    good game, Samsung
    I f— up

  18. lovemyslowee says:

    This phone seems gimmicky to me. Definitely not going to purchase.
    Thanks for another great video!

  19. Mo A says:

    I would wait for gen 2 Galaxy fold in 2020 or 2021.

  20. Ya like jazz says:

    Nice, now I can fold away my insecurities 😀

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