Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking

Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking

Some Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones are having issues. The Galaxy Fold is likely more delicate than a typical smartphone.
Dave Lee (Dave2d) –
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68 Responses

  1. Lew Later says:

    Subscribe for more long-form discussion like this… if you’re into it.

  2. Riteshbabu Allam says:

    I wonder what would happen to the phone when Jerry Rigs it!

  3. Hussein A says:

    I kinda feel the likes are from IPhone users ??

  4. Bakuretsu says:

    so stupidity caused this non sense? well, I’m shocked
    said no one ever.

    • Luigi Panetta says:

      A critical part of the phone is easily removable and causes it to die. Yeah, Samsung’s stupidity caused it. I love the phone, but they fucked up here

    • Muaaz says:

      +Luigi Panetta
      I mean they early made the consumers aware of the risk of the polymer layer being removed but reviewers still did it. regardless they rushed quality control and need to take some time fixing the issue before the phones r released to the public

    • Luigi Panetta says:

      +Muaaz It’s okay they said that, but that’s honestly way too difficult to keep intact in the long run. Can you imagine preserving a thin film layer in years? I think they should make it way more unremovable so nobody would have to worry about it

    • Muaaz says:

      +Luigi Panetta
      I think it they could have made un removable, they could have but they had constraints from current technology. Your also forgetting that every galaxy fold comes with free screen replacement warranty. I guess we will have to wait and see in the long run, only time will tell

  5. Epic WADU says:

    *Plastic is Plastic It’s Scratches at Level 3*
    *And Deeper Grooves At Level 4*

  6. JP niere says:

    This is a *BREAKING* news

  7. Swagatg Gautam says:

    Make those phones eat a Gomu Gomu DF, they will bend till one is not satisfied to bend.
    Samsung need Dr Vegapunk.

    • Sujal Lamichhane says:

      There’d be no need to fold it once you feed it the Gomu Gomu no Mi…..You’d be able to stretch it to the desired dimensions creating the world’s first stretchable smartphone that can turn into a TV, a tablet….you name it!

  8. mtssvnsn says:

    Mine stopped working completely after i drilled a lanyard hole trough it.
    You would think a company like Samsung wouldn’t put out such shoddy products in 2019.

  9. fudeldideldu says:

    The plastic foil/film is hard and flexible enough to hold the OLED in shape when closed. When peeled off, the screen is too fragile and will break by closing the phone, or by the time you peel the film off.
    The time I heard of people peeling off the layer I facepalmed.

    • Atlas says:

      It’s a pretty shitty way to protect the screen anyway, as they showed in the example, it’s very easy to get dust inside the protector, now here is hoping Samsung provides a cheap way to replace those protector if that happens

  10. tobikilla says:

    More like

    • Ibrid Motor says:

      even not peeled ones are not working well, if you need to keep the phone on the box for not ruin it totally so is a bad products, period.

  11. dirt bomb says:

    I dont think the phone is failing the people are just idoits

  12. AngryBird says:

    2000$ phone… so, it’s VVIP…. Be gentle with it…???

  13. Roshan says:

    *destroys phone, tears off the screen* WHY IS MY PHONE BROKEN

  14. Kristoffer Stølen says:

    Lets stop escalating and take the stairs for a minute

  15. Plankton says:

    I’m glad you invited Dave so you could talk 96% of the time ? Good video though. Very valid points!

  16. boxertest says:

    Dave2d is so level headed , I love his channel… never jump on the bandwagon wait for details. MKBHD damaged his unit as did the others trying to remove the “screen protector” so yes user error

  17. Bob Dylan says:

    That’s actually so dumb like the effort u would need to remove that it’s clearly not a screen protector

  18. Jordz Van 6299 says:

    If anything Huawei needs to slow down and think this through…

  19. Trung Nguyen says:

    Samsung tests the phone a million times -> nothing happens
    People use them -> break in 2 days

  20. Kol4ny says:

    WOAH they talked about star things and a minute later starbucks ad comes up…

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