Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New!

Galaxy Fold is back. Think of it as a 1.1 refresh.

Galaxy Fold Unboxing:
Galaxy Fold Review:
Broken Galaxy Folds Explained:

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71 Responses

  1. Yuh JT says:

    Now all I want is a touch from Jerry_rigs_everything…
    “Let’s see if this fold can bend backwards”?

    • here now says:

      @tommy aronson thats what they said about smartphones.

    • Aayush Singh says:

      @syed khalid Uz well Zack roasts apple all the time on his channel he is a Android fan

    • Eman M says:

      Why don’t you also check if his dick fits in your ass

    • LightLezs says:

      @tommy aronson I think either you are the one baiting here or you are dumb enough to criticize something without knowing shit about it.
      JerryRigEvrything is a chanel where you can see for yourself sooo many little details about new phones that reviewers and companies don’t tell you about, like the fact that some new phones don’t have safe batteries even nowadays (by that I mean that they can actually burn if you’re not careful,just like that one Samsung phone, although not as easily obviously, but the risk is still there and it means that replacing batteries on these phones may be expensive) or some other unexpected shit. And Zack doesn’t tell you only about phone’s unexpected problems, but also unexpected features or some little fun facts about how some companies make the same thing differently, which is always interesting, especially because his videos are not too long and don’t contain too much unnecessary information.

    • Tobias Stamenkovic says:

      The scratch test will be rather disappointing tho…

  2. Paul Ma says:

    Innovative but not pragmatic…$2k? No thanks.

  3. MLosUno says:

    Samsung in 2019 pushing boundaries

    Apple in 2019 “Well I guess we can add some new colors”

    • Don Kapsalon says:

      @Melnyx also they wouldnt ever release such a poor design. Apple releases the X with the notch and everyone starts hating for doing something different, every phone brand copies it but apple still gets the hate, look on the bezels of this thing. Apple reveals the 11pro and people bitch about the 3 camera’s, look at these 6 cameras! it looks so damn cheap and inconvenient it is ridiculous. the whole concept of a foldable phone is just pointless to me. a foldable ipad pro so that you can do procreate and sidecar on a 17″ screen, that would be convenient.

    • yogik komang says:

      K. D. The best hardware? ? lmao shit hardware plus shity free android os and even cant run portnite and carge u 1000$ innovated galaxy lag8 hidding ?

    • Don Kapsalon says:

      @Eli airdrop, sidecar, apple pencil

    • Don Kapsalon says:

      @y y because when they update they know what their users want. iOS 13 will have over 200 new features. I am sorry but that gets me excited. Iam seriously breaking my head over choosing between the 11 pro or wait for the SE2, and in all honesty if I had the cash I would get both. I use an X and a SE right now, which by the way can both still upgrade to iOS 13.

    • Don Kapsalon says:

      @bob le people keep saying this, but if I wanted an android I would not go for a damn samsung but a Sony or a Huwawei.

  4. AzzaN says:

    “They copy Apple in a lot of ways” Oh come on, Marques. This isn’t 2014.

    • Ja Lee says:

      @Scribblez apple led nothing in the bezel reduction. Even the Samsung mega 6.3″ had tiny bezels for the times, that was 5 years ago when apple still had huge bezels. The fold was a concept phone that was released to the press for free r&d and testing.

    • CovertCoder01 says:

      hellion605 their phones are so “strong” they are as durable as scum

    • Ja Lee says:

      @Dr Gilbert gay? LMFAO half the people that work at apple are gay the CEO is openly gay as well as the apple logo its self was a gay pride rainbow color back then.

    • Ja Lee says:

      @ATW Tech – Alpha R2 the iPhone 8 did have a home button the iPhone 8 is still the same design as iphone 6 from 5 years ago lmfao how lazy is that the same design for 5 years.

    • Buvan Pap says:

      Becos Marques likes Apple more than any other company.

  5. CHAZE2B says:

    Cant wait for Jerry to see if this phone can fold in both directions.

  6. Redrumm5150 says:

    “Some other companies,” then he throws apple under the bus LOL

  7. Badar Shahzad says:

    Everytime I see tech-reviewers criticizing the need of a foldable display, I am reminded of the criticism the first Note Phone faced.

    • Crokto says:

      i dont get how people can not understand the appeal of folding phones

    • Ozy the Mandias says:

      @Crokto i don’t get why people want a folding phone, as if it were 100% better than a regular one

    • S says:

      Reviewers: The Samsung Galaxy Fold leaves visible creases in the screen this is unacceptable.

      Badar Shahzad: This reminds me of Note series.

    • John Hine says:

      @S because that’s what he said…

    • Kiran Sasidharan says:

      @Ozy the Mandias consider this.. It’d a dream come true for artists who (if they also had the s pen with it) would love to open it up in the metro or street to Doodle an inspiration before it vanishes. And wouldn’t you just love to not carry around a laptop everywhere (from a movie lover’s point of view) you go?

  8. Ben JieMing says:

    Seems like your promoting the backpack more than the galaxy fold… its in nearly every shot

  9. Abdullah Bhatti says:

    MKBHD: tells us not to press too hard on the display.
    Also MKBHD: closes the galaxy fold by pressing his finger hard in the center.

  10. Random Fat Guy says:

    I dont know who flexes more. The Galaxy Fold or the Owner of a Galaxy fold.

  11. Muhammad Zahin bin Ahmad Suffian says:

    Samsung: introducing new galaxy fold

    6 years later

    Apple: we must make a foldable iPhone

    Samsung: introducing third generation of galaxy fold

  12. It is I who Nuts to That says:

    Am i the only one thinking that that “notch” in the front is pointless?

  13. Håkan Rohdin says:

    Marques: “You physically can’t really peel it.”

  14. Orun Makarov says:

    Marques Brownlee: Wait! I’ve seen this one.
    Samsung: What do you mean? It’s brand new.

  15. Regina Cattiva says:

    Why am I picturing a man in blazer putting the galaxy fold in his pocket like his going to work¿ is that my future man??

  16. Exoid says:

    Imagine dropping this and it splits into 2 phones


  17. Kenny Philip says:

    MKBHD’s bag travels everywhere with him.
    It’s so obsessed about him, that it even wants to get into the frame with him.

  18. Samarth Vikram says:


  19. Novus says:

    Samsung: Don’t press on the screen too hard
    MKBHD: *Reads warning*
    Also MKBHD: Closes the fold by pressing hard on the screen

  20. AlexandrovX ;-; says:

    Buys a $2,000 phone.

    *_Picks up iron nails with it_*

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