Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus hands on.
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This is my Samsung Galaxy Note hands on video. The Note 10 (Plus) represents Samsung’s top tier smartphone offering packing a 6.8-inch AMOLED display and up to 12GB of RAM.

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69 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – DEEP DIVE (20+ minutes) –

  2. Raven Sto. Domingo says:

    : So what color is the note 10 you lost?
    Me: Depends on Light….

  3. NISSI NISSI says:

    1:29 look at him he is reading somthing behind the camera?

  4. Kamen Minkov says:

    Imagine what a 45 W charger does to a **cough** non-replaceable battery

    • The Anonymous Sir Backspace says:

      Tbf usually it’s not very expensive to replace a battery on a samsung phone, so if I could afford it that wouldn’t concern me too much.

    • Mateus Elias says:

      @The Anonymous Sir Backspace yeah but try to find a new battery for it 3 years from now

    • nitroman365 says:

      @Mateus Elias Ummm, they will be more available in 3 years vs. 6 months to a year out.

    • Asian vaper says:

      Thats why its not included in the box. Imagine replacing battery for thousands phones in the first month.

    • Ja ynik says:

      I Have a 45watt charger on my mate20 pro and I’ve had it for about have a year so far and can barely notice a difference in battery time

  5. Jtron says:

    Budget conscious – $950 phone. Yea ok

  6. Rofern Fernandes says:

    No headphone Jack?
    You are beginning to feel more like apple

  7. THE ULTIMATE says:

    What colour is your phone ?
    Me: jeb_

  8. XIAOMI-MI-RKS says:

    Samsung :- We make a Complete flagship

    Headphone jack :-
    ?May be what do you think

  9. DJ TRANS says:

    I think that’s a nice price because I paid 1200 for the note 9 512gb

  10. B calm & humble says:

    No headphone jack ?. Someone at Samsung has been drinking alot of Apple juice.

    • Just Rob says:

      Tristan Han they was the first

    • RicquelAlexus says:

      Even the placement of the camera!!

    • Felix Nope says:

      Sadly going to obsolete no matter what ?

    • Wavy Vaporizers says:

      @Ahasan Chowdhury that’s not a good enough reason to take away headphone Jack. That’s like video game consoles, they cant force everyone in the world to not buy physical copy games and only download digital versions of the game because let’s face it yes we live in a time now where alot of people ho digital but not everyone does people still like physical copies of games so Sony and Microsoft will never say we dont care we are making new consoles that will only allow u to download games digitally and not use physical vopy

    • Bajaxp says:

      Lol. I see what you did there…

      “apple juice”

  11. Gabrieleboy says:

    *I miss the headphone jack*


  12. Robert Lora says:

    Hahaha he said “for the more budget-conscious.” That’s rich.

  13. Peter Younes says:

    They must’ve called it jeb_ by mistake.

    R.I.P. watersheep

  14. Bojan Nikolovski says:

    It turns out that S10+ is still the best phone from Galaxy family..

  15. Zarieg Thajbfva says:

    Buying a Slick Wraps Skin for mine

  16. Rodolfo Dauz says:

    I will keep my note 9 with a headphone jack, thank you very much.

  17. # JOKER says:

    samsung:We are introducing the most powerful galaxy note 10

    jerry: scratching at level 6 ?

  18. Akif Zakuan says:

    Note 10! Finally I can afford the note 8!


  19. super gerd says:

    i can finally buy my mom the note 8 ? she’s still using her note 4

  20. Prashant Chhetri says:

    2 days later:
    I am switching to note 10 plus
    4 days later:
    Note 10 plus has a problem
    1 week later:
    Don’t buy the Note 10 plus…

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