Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On

This is the new Samsung Galaxy S10+
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63 Responses

  1. Shadow gamer says:

    Who is pumped for Samsung’s fold phone release?

  2. smart guy485 says:

    Apple has joined the chat
    Samsung has joined the chat
    Apple has left the chat and isn’t coming back

  3. harshil katira says:

    They did an in-built kind of photoshop in the camera..
    Hands down for Samsung!!!

  4. VISHWANATH T S says:

    Upcoming videos:

    1) Switching to S10
    2) S10 has a serious problem
    3)so on!!

  5. MAURO OooO says:

    You look like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in the selfie ??

  6. Pranjal Babbar says:

    Hole punch look way better then ? notch display ?

    • Eventus Vantos says:

      +o – o you are wrong.
      How the hell is it not practical? Its a 2 in 1 tablet and phone. A tablet that can fit in your pocket! That’s the definition of practicality. And it is fairly priced considering that it is a luxury device and all the end and innovation that went into it. Like any new technology it is expensive in the beginning. Wit time and other generations it will be more consumer friendly priced. Obviously since it is very new technology it takes time for it to get better and cheaper.

    • Night hawk says:

      yep suck on that L apple xD

    • Jesse Hämäläinen says:

      Pranjal Babbar I would honestly choose not having a selfie camera at all

    • Eventus Vantos says:

      +Damien Clough copying Apple? You mean by keeping the head phone Jack? And by having an in display finger print scanner? Get the frick out of here with your stupid bs.

    • Jeremy Wang says:

      It’s just an eyesore

  7. Trenton Bellora says:

    Get ready for all the hate from apple fans at school tomorrow boys. Glhf

  8. karnam sudeep says:

    When did the headphone jack become an extra versitile ??

  9. Aditya Dubey says:

    What about the fingerprint you didn’t test that????

  10. AdmiralSupreme says:

    The XS is dead long live the S10!

  11. Eastwood Rufus says:

    Im doing it . Im buying the S10 for $900. My Day 1 S7 is becoming a Dinosaur at this point ??.

    • Tyler T. says:

      get rid of that bomb before its too late

    • Invoke says:

      +Tyler T. meh they fixed the battery issues ages ago

    • Angel Gutierrez says:

      Get an iPhone. Apple supports iPhones with the latest updates for 5 years.

    • Invoke says:

      +Angel Gutierrez ya and screw over thier customers at every chance they get like charging $600 for a piece of glass or slowing the device down to make people buy new products tell you who can and can’t fix your device hell the list goes on and on

    • MOBILE COLLEGE says:

      My s7 is running perfectly fine, I’m a techy but don’t see any reason to get rid of my perfectly working s7. Don’t get me wrong, who would not love to get the latest and greatest. But I can think about 1000 things I can use 1000 dollars on something more important.

  12. Maddie Jo Hudnall says:

    Hole punch is still better then the notch ?‍♀️

  13. BoostedPrince says:

    females are going to catfih the hell out the world now with that beauty mode.??‍♂️

  14. I suck at Gaming says:

    This is a beauty… Now i just wait the release of S12 and i will can afford this beautiful S10.. Can’t wait..2 more years and i get it!!

  15. Sourabh Purohit says:

    Irony … Channel name unbox therapy ….. And No Unboxing

  16. Ganesh Ugale says:

    This video has more views than Samsung’s Official Introduction

  17. Alexander Jimenez says:

    Damn I’m still rocking the iPhone 5 lol ganna kms

  18. Emanuel Israel says:

    You forgot to show off the reverse wireless charging

  19. THEGAMER13596 says:

    uses airpods on Samsung s10

    Apple left the chat

  20. RKA Tv says:

    Upcoming videos.
    1.Switching to S10
    2.Why you should buy the S10
    3.Why the S10 is better than the iPhone XS Max
    4.What they don’t want you to know about the S10

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