Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – 3 Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – 3 Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S10 review after 3 weeks of daily use.
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Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 live up to the hype? How does the S10 stack up on the smartphone value meter? I’m thinking of switching to the Galaxt S10e next in order to find out which Galaxy S10 is the best deal.

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73 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

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    • yasin basha says:

      Pls make a video on Nokia 9 pure view smartphone. I am sure u will do it soon.

    • A 9 says:

      Test Nokia 9 pureview Lew!

    • Mohammed Jazim Rasheed says:

      Please let me know about mate 20x

    • Christopher Newby says:

      PLEASE PLEASE look into this for me.
      My girlfriend is still using her S7 Edge, I have the S10 and we did a little experiment the other day. We both changed our screen setting to the best we could (no need to explain to you how we did that) and then we chose the same 4k SONY video from YouTube played back at the highest quality YouTube offers. I was astounded but we both agreed the picture was better on the S7. It was brighter, crisper and sharper. We played a nature video with icebergs and snow and there was just so much more detail in the picture of the S7. Please take 5 mins and check for yourself.

    • Jaydeep Pal says:

      i prefer oneplus 6t type notch over hole punch

  2. JeepWoodsFun says:

    Makes a samsung review
    every comment in comment section: “ApPlE iS tRaSh”

    • 1 2 says:

      I can’t help it because it’s real

    • Marco Joseph says:

      I use android (OnePlus 6), and I rarely think of iPhones, but then I look at the comment section every Android smartphone reviews and apparently there countless android users who buys android phones and can’t think about nothing but iPhones or Apple afterwards. I mean, could you at least show more excitement about the phone you actually bought instead of the phone you think is trash? It paints the picture that android users are very insecure. It’s embarrassing at this point tbh

    • Shubham Pawar says:

      ApPLE iS tRaSh

    • Jerry Reyes says:

      Two things: one you get better audio quality with wired headphones so people who are audiophiles need it.

      Two: it’s absolutely fine to criticize a company. If I have a dislike for a company because it has poor business practices, is anti consumer, or sells bad products, then people are justified in criticizing and critizing people who keep this company afloat. “if you don’t like it don’t buy it” does not cut it and I don’t see why people try to shut down criticisms

    • Noorjahan KK says:

      A sheep has entered the chat

  3. Warren Pam says:

    Dude it’s the standard now..the reference….competitors simply acknowledge the Best…price wise and feature wise

  4. Analytical63 says:

    The battery is what draws people to the s10 plus

    • chapasproject says:

      check your phone battery usage after a day of work and you will find out that the screen used most of it. bigger screen means more battery usage. you will not get more work hours with the plus.

    • Timeyin Sholaye says:

      +chapasproject except tests have shown you get MORE hours with the plus. It has the best battery life out of the three. Even better than the smaller S10E

    • villavan kothai says:

      +chapasproject this is not iPhone

  5. cristian bermudez says:

    “Genuine leather”
    *peta has entered the chat*

  6. Alvin Nwaokike says:

    @ 10:16 the beautiful dog ? was busy having fun ?? Nice review bruh!!!

  7. brock the beast says:

    At 1:40
    “We now have more cameras than ever..”
    Samsung galaxy A9: “am I a joke to you?”

  8. محمد حبيب الحق says:

    Samsung is working on things like people would like it But ? he don’t care

  9. Anshul Saraf says:

    The S10e is a ‘midget’ phone – a MID-range + buDGET phone

    • The Best Boy says:


      It has a 12 MP wide lens and 16 MP ultra wide lens. Same as the S10 and S10+. It’s not lacking in the camera department.

    • Dawn Treader says:

      since when did 55000 rupee / 795$ became budget .

    • Abdelrahman H.A.H says:

      it’s more like ‘prerange’ (PRE-mium + mid-RANGE)

    • AutoBum says:

      1k in cad, dont think that’s budget

    • I Make Funny Comments says:

      +The Best Boy There’s several phones with a curved display. Google it. The Huawei Mate 20 pro is just one flagship example. There’s 9 more curved display phones out there. Some aren’t even flagship. All of which that are not Samsung.

  10. Fade Masta says:

    I switched from iPhone 7 to s10 reg.. dam this phone is amazing!!!!!!

  11. D T says:

    I’d take the S10e over a 6t anyday. Headphone jack, no notch, reverse charging. Plus I’m a flat screen lover.

  12. Mahmood Jazmawy says:

    Did you activate Dolby Atmos while using the speaker?

    • Red says:

      For me Yes, its okay.

    • dukedizzy says:

      I have this phone and i can tell you the speakers are my fav upgrade over the s9+. It doesnt disappoint makes the phone shake even while playing pubg u actually feel the phone rev with the car.

  13. Ryan Ash says:

    DO A REVIEW OF S10E PLEASEEEEEE We look to you for advice ?

  14. Antibody _0342 says:

    Apple’s next innovation:

    *puts the headphone jack back*

    • Gerg C says:


      Mic drop.

    • Moritz Zhao says:

      I don’t think they’ll do that

    • Nick Amato says:

      Jack black?

    • the is this guy says:

      And sd card support

    • andyH_England says:

      Antibody _0342 apple is a tech company so wont bring back 100 year old tech, they are more about taking risks and moving forward. Samsung with the Nokia Fold clearly are a retrospective OEM, too scared to take risks, hanging onto as many users as possible with compromise after compromise. Mind you your beloved Samsung ditched the headphone jack in the Fold, there were few complaints and I wonder if your comment is a bot troll, as the lack of Samsung fans complaining about the non-jack on the Fold is hypocrisy to the n’th degree! Having not used a jack for years I do wonder what the problem is?

  15. mohsen jamal says:

    You should do that the Xiaomi Mi9 next it’s a great phone with a great camera and a great value for the money

  16. u wot says:

    Buy a gaming laptop/PC, not an expensive smartphone.
    Sent from ROG Strix SCAR that i bought for $900

    • Raspy says:

      u wot I’m think about something from the Dell G Series or Lenovo Y line. I’m saving my money for Black Friday, I’m assuming when I get my laptop I won’t be using my phone to play games that much anymore.

    • Paper Bag Man says:

      Absolutely agreed. Smartphones are the same price as good gaming rigs (good not meaning silly, over the top shit, but just that, good), why on Earth would you spend the same amount and get a significant downgrade? Like I spent $500 on my gaming PC and it’s damn good. I can’t get 120fps with ultra graphics on the latest games, no, but my PC can play every game on the market, even if I have to decrease the graphics a little.

    • Timmie Kat says:

      Yeah for $1000 you can buy very capable gaming PC’s for my smartphones iam a OnePlus 6 user never going above the €500 mark

  17. Plain Fitness says:

    Open box is a thing. Got my s10 for 780 lol.

  18. Mayflower_Emerald says:

    I have a question. What do you do with the unboxed stuff? Since you did unbox a lot of things in the past videos

  19. Error 1105 says:

    It has happened….
    For the first time in history…
    He is not disappointed in the thumbnail ????

  20. Sharan Shyaam says:

    Want to hear a joke?
    Liquid retina display

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