Samsung Galaxy S8 Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Impressions!

Everything you need to know about the sexiest new flagship phone!

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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20 Responses

  1. sibhi aravindan says:

    i think the on screen buttons look sleek af

  2. No says:

    My s4 will be two times older now 🙁

  3. Raphael Ramos says:

    imagin watching porn with that display

  4. VIPER.GX says:

    samsung must always f*ck up with at least something on their new phones… i mean, just put the fingerprint sensor beneath the camera on the back, like everyone does now. jeez… rad-lookin phone btw… it will “blow” the competition away…

  5. Jarkendarr says:

    that fingerprint sensor looks so inconvenient! huge mistake

  6. Arditz says:

    Am i the only one whos Team Huawei

  7. Robotijo says:

    Really big phone -_-
    5 inch please…

  8. George Amoako-Nimako says:

    dude, the back button has always been on the right…

  9. Linus Zekoviq says:

    I wonder what the hell you are filming with?!? Looking amazing and sharp as F***K

  10. Alecs says:

    The fingerprint senzor place is shit.

  11. Albo 1 says:

    1:13 iphone looks 100years older comparing to the s8

  12. Ross Lemon says:

    Samsung is beast fucking the competition with their devices and you fanboys know it. That’s why you’ll desperately look for anything wrong with the S8 and S8 plus.

  13. Navid All Gharaee says:

    Should wait for real 8 ——> iPhone 8!

  14. Tabraiz Hassan says:

    People complain that s8 has little improvements compared to s7 but they don’t complain when iphone 6s and iphone 7 has almost no new features. Iphone 6 and iphone 7 has same camera resolution,same 3d touch,etc.
    Also apple fans always give their answer that ‘Still iphone is faster.’
    Iphone is faster because of lack of customisation over androids, faster because of huge bezels and low 1080p resolution as conpared to s7 edge or s8 curved amoled 2k resolution,etc. Samsung is only a bit slower only because it has to render high specifications and camera of both phones are based on personal preference.

  15. Faheem Islam says:

    But the main question is… did they fix the snapchat camera quality?

  16. Aran Senpai says:

    Definitely my proudest fap…

  17. ChumChum Lee says:

    I dont think you did a great review for this phone, because I know you hate samsung! I can tell that you dont really explained the details of the feature

  18. kieran says:

    The way you reviewed this phone, you made it look like it’s a shithole phone and nobody will buy this. Yo who’s side you on?

  19. Rose Rain Music says:

    I have an S7 edge. Is it worth upgrading?

  20. josue Nogueras says:


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