Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera: What’s New!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera: What’s New!

Everything you need to know that’s new in Galaxy S9’s new camera!

Galaxy S9 First Impressions:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Muggsy Bogues by Alltta


Phone provided by Samsung for video.

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69 Responses

  1. SDG Danny says:

    He seemed very impressed by the makeup filter πŸ™‚

  2. Jordy Angkawidjaja says:

    Nobody talking about samsung fail mocking apple’s notch?

    • Jamell Lewis says:

      All the investors were looking at them on stage like ummmm πŸ˜‚

    • Rizaldi Wijaya says:

      How is it a fail? I dont think samsung is putting a notch like apple’s on their phones

    • John C John says:

      I don’t see Samsung with an ugly notch. They maintained their sleek and sexy designs. How’s that a fail?

    • Shikanara says:

      Rizaldi Wijaya they made fun of the notch and there was no reaction from the crowd, which is why people said it was a fail.

    • XerxesAuxley says:

      I know this isnt the main topic of the thread, but personally I prefer the Samsung emoji’s. There are a specific few that are a bit of a miss, especially when compared to the Apple, but the majority are far more pleasing. The art of them is much easier to look at, the person who created them had a better sense of depth and highlight/shadow than the Apple’s artist.
      Overall, Apple emoji’s look far more outdated.
      This is coming from someone who has owned both apple and samsung products for many years.

  3. DreamLegendary says:

    Allow Us To Reassign The Button

    • jetman189 says:

      DreamLegendary like I’ve said, it’s not a big deal, some people use it, others don’t, I don’t use it and I don’t whine about, I bet you don’t even own one, you’re just here to stir shit up.

    • DreamLegendary says:

      jetman189 for a guy so “not bothered” by it you seem very bothered.


      I mean I would think if you weren’t bothered you wouldn’t even make a comment, yet this post seems to have triggered you (and it was MKBHD who made the joke in his video, I just typed it out cause it’s funny)

    • jetman189 says:

      DreamLegendary I’m not bothered by the bixby button, but you clowns are bothered about something not in your phones, pretty sure most whiners here doesn’t own one, that’s the difference.

    • DreamLegendary says:

      jetman189 I’m literally typing on a Galaxy note at this very second, but keep telling yourself you’re not at all bothered we TOTALLY believe ya


    • jetman189 says:

      DreamLegendary who’s we? Your imaginary friends? Lmao but ok keep whining though.

  4. Local Guide says:

    3.5mm *jack* is here USB type C is here sim tray with expandable sD card is here and camera with variable aperture is here this is *Samsung* Galaxy S9 & S9+

  5. BB KI VIBES FANS says:

    nice bro keep it up it’s best bro♨️♨️♨️πŸ₯‡πŸ…

  6. INDroid says:

    I’ve heard people saying “Android OS was made for cameras”….
    Well I think they are Going to Do it the other way round. Make phones, convert them to cameras

  7. yash mane says:

    Waiting for s9 camra vs pixel 2 xl


    *Hey what’s up guys I’m kapiti here*

  9. Vishwadeep Sonawane says:

    This was oddly funny. 😐

  10. CHIRAG RAVAL says:

    Do me a favour let’s play Holi,
    Come let’s and laugh all day.
    Festival of happiness and joy is here,
    & when it’s Holi, everything is fair!
    Happy holi MKBHD

    • shubi jyo says:

      MOVIE CREEP why ban holi? Holi is such wonderful festival. We have this friends and family reunion a one place. We all play holi with colors and water, and eat Delicious food after that.. Holi is fun.. Just because of one evil man’s action, why should I stop playing holi with my loved ones.. This is not fair, people who do that sort of inhuman act should be arrested. Don’t you think so?

    • CHIRAG RAVAL says:

      shubi jyo be motivated save water enjoy life with love forever

    • shubi jyo says:

      CHIRAG RAVAL yes you’re right. We should save water. ☺ will not waste water, thank you and happy holi!😁

    • A J says:

      DIE FOR DIY yeah and I’ll make sure that he throws one on your mother too . I heard of this incident and that’s what i said not that i have anything against this festival but if its a misunderstanding then you could’ve cleared my thoughts but all you care is about is being a jerk.

  11. Aakash Parmar says:


  12. Anand Sharma says:

    *The CLASSIC MKBHD thumbnail*

  13. Gadgets Discover says:

    *Overall a Camera centric Phone*

  14. Sahid. says:

    Dat makeup part….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. WGACA says:

    Getting tired of MKBHD and Pocketnow always being overly negative about a Samsung product, yet they praise the hell out of Google and Apple despite the fact these products always have way more flaws. It’s getting pretty obvious they defend brands from their own soil.

    • WGACA says:

      Jamell Lewis They are the greatest in the camera department for the moment at least. And in Android land the fastest, most features, best design, most durable and best screen. But yeah, they ain’t just that great… GTFO man.

    • Suprxme Storm says:

      WGACA iphone x has the best screen camera and speed. One phone that beats it in speed is the op5t but that’s pretty much it.

    • Suprxme Storm says:

      WGACA they aren’t as durable anymore since there going for the luxurious look now to

  16. Arindam Mangal says:

    That intro mate. 😍πŸ”₯.
    Thumbs up for Marques and AllttA. πŸ‘

  17. Pratik Thingle says:

    Sony has 960 fps slow motion video recording from 2017 so that’s nothing new

    • Tom Riddle says:

      Really man ?? Xz1 with S6 edge ???
      that should be with S8 and then tell me which one slows down.

    • Keyser SΓΆze says:

      Tom Riddle z5 with s6 edge, do you know how to read?
      Yeah Samsung slows, every Samsung phone slows down after some time. And in speed tests there are many phones faster than Samsungs…

    • Tom Riddle says:

      OH so, how many awards did Sony won in 2017 and how many good reivews on Sony phones last year ??
      I don’t think so .. Any ?

      I’m talking about recent Samsung Phones no old ones, cause I know before S7 edge Samsung was too bad.

      I’m talking about new Gen Samsung Phones from S8 which are crushing market like any.

    • BlueTanto - Known as Haso says:

      Well this is interesting to read

  18. Banana Pro says:


  19. Guardians Creed says:

    WIDER is Better. The Phones aren’t wide enough

    • WhiteHoodieEnt says:

      mik3Z no they’re definitely better and more enjoyable to use

    • mik3Z says:

      Are you feeling ok?

    • Astro Beast says:

      harder/more uncomfortable to hold.

    • WhiteHoodieEnt says:

      Astro Beast that’s just if you have small hands

    • Cody Jackson says:

      Yes, the problem is that abrupt display curve at the edges. If they replaced it with a gentler slope, you’d get both a wider phone and an infinity display that doesn’t obscure content but makes it seem to drop off the edges like the legendary S7 Edge display, seeming it larger as well as cooler. That’s the only thing Samsung did wrong with the S8, S8+, they made that display curve at the edges too abrupt.

  20. Nic Millington says:

    Loved that intro!

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