Samsung Galaxy S9 Released! Official Trailer

Samsung Galaxy S9 Released! Official Trailer

Introducing Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus OFFICIAL TRAILER! New Features, Face Scan, Variable Aperture Camera, New Design & More!

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87 Responses

  1. Josh Quintanilla says:

    Google pixel ad before the vid πŸ‘€

  2. K Gaming says:

    I got a Samsung ad before this lol

  3. ihsan Fida says:

    Wow s9 looks beautiful

  4. Ellie Neko says:


    • Tony M says:

      But That’s None Of My Business why in the world do you want damn cord dangling from your ears while running, working out, working, etc whatever . Wireless are way better and more convenient.

    • Rayan Abusidou says:

      Ed Saucin Lol plenty thicc

    • SteamEnder says:

      Wired headphones are better than Bluetooth headphones.

    • kima khiangte says:

      Nah, the same old iSheep argue like Samsung is incapable of using Bluetooth headphone. In fact, it support the latest bluetooth audio technology like aptx and Sony LDAC with Android oreo (not sure about aptx hd). What else can you ask for?

    • Iron Pikachu says:

      PR – Worlds here’s my question about wireless. If Bluetooth increases in popularity, won’t there be more wireless interference? Unless I’m just completely wrong about how Bluetooth works

  5. AEZLUS says:

    LMAO! Are people really arguing over phones?! Ridiculous

    • MrColler123 says:

      Right… I mean, I buy what I like better, not essentially what is better. Why fans of both companies always try to convince someone to switch β€šsidesβ€˜, I don’t really understand. Someone who wants to buy a iPhone X won’t just change his opinion because some random Android fan writes β€žiPhone is shit, buy Samsungβ€œ.
      The only time comments about which is better should be, is if someone asks for advice what to buy.
      There is no better phone, they have both their pros and cons, and both are amazing phones that sell very well. It just comes down to preference

    • Speed Rycr says:

      You’d be surprised what people argue about today

    • Ray says:

      AEZLUS To argue which is the master race duh!

    • NerdyBassHead 2004 says:

      Speed Rycr yeah like how whos shits was bigger

    • theboywonder says:

      LOL, right? i never understood that shit.

  6. ANSH. 33 says:

    price reimagined

    • Dylan Lee says:

      Ben Avenlino he would rather have a faster phone pretty much same water resistance, longer support, way more reliable and less buggy

    • TAA AZ says:

      MossTimeBOYZ it was much better with the iPhone x. It just got the old display while samsung had a amoled since forever. Also the iPhone x can only come up to HD while Samsung can go past that! Also the s8 was rated best camera until the iPhoneX came out.

    • TAA AZ says:

      PhantomBones so what we like samsung. If you like Apple I respect your opinion. But you can’t expect people to not be angry when they say things like that. Especially if they’re not true.

    • NextGenGamer says:

      ANSH. 33 I’m a fan of Apple, and that should definitely be at the end of their iPhone X adverts πŸ˜‚

    • Srdjan Ristic says:

      Theo dude its just the fucking Apple lovers dont fight with them its pointless…

  7. taran bhandal says:

    Samsung is way better the iPhone x and milies better then the 8

  8. No says:

    _Why are people fighting over a brand as if they were paid by them?_

    • CDB says:

      Because polarization is huge nowadays, it makes people feel better with themselves. Choose you flag and defend it man, come on: Apple x Android, PES x FIFA, PS4 x XBONE, Liberals x Conservatives, Witcher 3 x Skyrim, choose your side man, you can’t like things from both, you need to choose one and defend it.

    • Michael Wadsworth says:

      No because brand loyalty is a strong sonofabitch

    • A suspicious black cat says:

      No They are, well…Some are, shareholders, dividends. Have you ever heard of these? Now I don’t know if Samsung pays dividends, but you get my point. That doesn’t justify the petty arguments and insults. And this is rarely the case I assume. But you can be payed by a company you invest in.

    • RMA says:



  9. MuffinGrande says:

    Its so pretty but I’ll never have it because its probably too expensive for my cheap ass lol

  10. The Indian YoutuberTS7 says:

    I can’t buy it lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. SuperSaiyanManiac says:

    It’s kinda obvious why they haven’t really changed much from the S8 to S9. They’ll bring out the big stuff next year for the S10 – 10th anniversary will be a big thing.

  12. Akash Saluja says:

    Awesome video bro i wait for your full hands on review for S9

  13. alto says:

    The step from iPhone 8 to X was way better and bigger than from S8 to S9

    • Paige says:

      Maybe thats why the iPhone X sales flopped

    • Tony M says:

      THE FIRST THE BEST iphone 7 and 8 a very different. Glass back, better specs, better camera, heavier, more premium feel, fastest phone out , higher bench scores, sexier. Like .. it’s the perfect phone lol that’s why I traded my slow laggy shitsung galaxy s8+ for iPhone 8

    • Pikminmj9 says:

      The s9 is supposed to be like apples s series, small changes but overall same design. A better comparison would be the change from iPhone 7 to 8. (8 is basically the 7s)

    • Ruben Chavez says:

      Tony M my 8+ isn’t slow or laggy lmao where tf do you buy your knock off phones

    • Michiel De Jong says:

      iphone 8 to iphone X dude they released it at the same time… s8 will be in 5 years still an awesome phone the iphone 8 and 10 suck full of bugs

  14. Cornelius Diefenthal says:

    The funny thing is that the first point you mentioned, the ability to save multitasking-app-combinations has already been there with the S4 but then got removed:D
    In general, when the S4 came out it had a lot of cool functions with gestures and eye control which I used quite often but then got removed by Samsung with software updates/new Galaxy S phones.
    I don’t get Samsungs point there:D

  15. Mayur Gadkar says:

    Surely…. Better than iPhone….. Am I right??? πŸ˜•

  16. Mbtgamer says:

    EverythingApplepro is the best

  17. Fire Fast Gaming says:

    It looks good but I can’t leave my Apple4life πŸ˜‚

  18. shine says:

    I have the s8 now I want the s9

  19. Yvng Soy Sauce says:

    So a software update

  20. AdriΓ‘n PΓ©rez Portillo says:

    Samsung es partidario de esa pantalla siempre encendida, y la mujer mira el reloj teniendo la pantalla encendida πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘Ž

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