Samuel L. Jackson Finds Out He’s in a Feud with Donald Trump – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Samuel L. Jackson Finds Out He’s in a Feud with Donald Trump – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth breaks the news that Donald Trump has provoked Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter.
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Samuel L. Jackson Finds Out He’s in a Feud with Donald Trump – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Lee Pavano says:

    Who this fucking black monkey talking to like that how about go pick some
    cotton or knit me a sweater fucking black

  2. 1zombie4v says:


  3. Hy Levasseur says:

    Title of video SHOULD be: “Massive racist finds out he’s in a feud with
    Donald Trump – Late Night with huge Liberal scumbag.”

  4. DallinPlays says:

    Eh, he’ll force choke Trump.

  5. Thought Monkey says:

    I don’t blame him – Samual L Jackson is one of the few celebrities I would
    want to know.

  6. Max Power says:

    Two of the most idiotic people on television today. Jackson is a huge
    racist too, but you libs will flock to his garbage movies.

  7. KidScipio says:

    wow it took Samuel L jackson to finally stump the trump. Samuel L for
    president, trump VP

  8. J Rizo says:

    hey samuel donald i’m sure met you but doesn’t know you although everyone
    knows you are a racist jerk liar

  9. J Rizo says:

    Im 100% sure trump doesn’t know this racist …so if you meet someone
    according to seth @sswipe myers you know someone>??? i guess i would know
    thousands and thousands of people then

  10. cookiesncream789 says:

    Is there anyone Donald Trump actually likes?!

  11. SolidSnake5813 says:

    See for all u Trump lovers , he is pathological lier lol…he is just full
    of it., everyone is always apologizing to him , wanting to work for him
    yadayayda omg he is just full of it

  12. Joseph Pagano says:

    racist black ass

  13. Vince D (vdvdman) says:

    The 91 dislikes are from Trump fans

  14. Ronda ArouseMe says:

    This is pathetic.
    America is pathetic.

  15. Brain Rush says:


  16. Wayne Delorey says:

    would you admit to knowing that colored fool

  17. Vulpesio says:

    over golf

  18. TrevorSpace Animation says:

    Who’s Seth Miyres?

  19. GoofballLOL says:

    lol his suit matches his lightsaber

  20. Jeff Garra says:

    Seth Meyers is awful. Hope that works out for him.