Sanders Describes The Scene on House Floor During Sit-In

Sanders Describes The Scene on House Floor During Sit-In

Bernie Sanders joined Democrats at their congressional sit-in and tells Stephen what it was like to be a part of the protest.

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20 Responses

  1. civicsr2cool says:

    why does nobody question what this no fly list even is? it’s a joke of a
    program and isn’t regulated. they’d love to have free will to throw gun
    owners on that list

  2. Alexis Colby says:

    Bernie is great, but to those of you who say that you will never vote for
    Hillary because she’s corrupt/liar/untrustworthy/etc., who will you vote
    for? Trump? Good or bad, Hillary is the Democratic nominee. How can you say
    that you will not vote for her when the alternative is Donald Trump??
    DONALD FUCKING TRUMP!!! He is a misogynistic, homophobic racist dick who
    can not be trusted with anything! Would you trust that man to govern
    America for 4 years and deal with the challenges nationally and globally?
    For the love of God, he’s currently in Scotland playing golf!!

  3. captain-special says:

    Beautiful thing called the 5th amendment

  4. TC Messiah says:

    Fuck you Colbert, Bernie doesn’t need to drop out. He will have a shit ton
    of write in votes.

  5. jasonlajoie says:

    America failed to fight for this guy to represent them, so now America will
    have to have a shitty President because they’re too lazy.

  6. Rod G says:

    Yes it embarrassing to the mother that missed her flight because Tsa
    wouldnt allow her board her flight because she had breastmilk in containers
    of sorts and knew it wax breastmilk and the law protected her and allowed
    her to do so but These stupid people contained her and held her back from
    boarding her flight because of she didnt want to empty out the breastmilk
    but she no risk at all band the risk is allowed on planes and allowed to
    kill innocent people because they like to play game with peoples lives
    .Embarrassing is an understatement

  7. Strong Productions says:

    Colbert. I am sure you realize that this video was edited. An important
    part of the interview was cut out at 00:46.

  8. Blaqcassie says:

    dear sir, be my president if the US wont take you

  9. kimisilv says:

    Thank you Bernie – we love you! #StillBernin

  10. holaquetal1918 says:


  11. Ricky Stecz says:

    Ambassador to Narnia? That sounded like a flippant insult to me. I’ve never
    been a Colbert fan. Never.

  12. Tim says:

    A normal U.S. citizen can’t buy an ak47 wth is he talking about

  13. SedonaHealthCoach says:

    I’ll always remember the little bird siting on his podium! That was rare.
    It would never happen to Trump or Clinton, they scare everything away with
    their insane energy.

  14. Philip L says:

    Bernie is an amazing human being. Bernie makes me feel proud to be an
    American again. Never quit! #SandersOrStein

  15. CptnJCFG says:

    Bernie is no longer my bro, he’s my hero and I hope his ideas become viewed
    as the future of the continent.

  16. watnowmofo123 says:


  17. See Canon says:

    When government runs the economy then government runs the people not the
    people running government. Wake up folks! Less government is better. I can
    bet you those people like Bernie, Hillary and the rest have ARMED guards
    around them at all times for their protection. And they’re willing to deny
    you the same right because it’s not a privilege.

  18. Bent Neatly says:

    If you don’t want him as our president, i couldnt understand less….

  19. Tyler LeBlond says:

    If you can’t vote for Bernie, vote for Jill Stein.

  20. Stephen Assender says:

    Why is this man not on his way to being president, makes no sense to me.