Sanders on Biden climate change policy: Nowhere near enough

Sanders on Biden climate change policy: Nowhere near enough

During the Democratic presidential debate in Washington, Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden discuss the steps they will take to tackle the climate crisis. #CNN #News

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100 Responses

  1. ChannelOfDiscord says:

    Biden is slow, you can tell he’s memorized some bs talking points just to fill time.

    • OH Yeh! says:

      ChannelOfDiscord Bernie and Joe start to finish

    • DAVID GOERTZ says:

      Biden has lied so much in his political career that the Dementia is confusing truth from facts………..LMMFAO

    • myko freder says:

      We don’t know Sanders because we have never heard anything new out of him in 6 years. He has memorized all this talking points long ago because he has been repeating them for that long without change and that is one of the reasons all the shiny new penny has worn off the second time. His talking points have become mantras for the followers of his movement, who are very similar to Trump’s follower. How about Medicaid for all, anyone who goes to the hospital uninsured gets signed up to Medicaid and you be treated like a Medicaid patient, maybe sent to another hospital for minor things, working enrollees wages will be totaled using their SS# and used to add to Medicare payroll deduction to cover this use of Medicaid.

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 says:


    • Rockin Roll says:

      I like Joe. He and bernie would be great in the Walking Dead movies

  2. MALIRIPPA says:

    We should all aspire to have the patience Bernie displayed during this.

    • Carol Deal says:

      @Pranit Deshpande, there is a DIFFERENCE between SPONSORING, AND GETTING SOMETHING ACROSS THE FINISH LINE.. Which he didn’t, and couldn’t, thank God…. #TRUMP2020

    • DAVID GOERTZ says:

      Bernie fears the Democrat Party as he should. They’re corrupt and put in who they think they can control.

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 says:


    • DAVID GOERTZ says:

      @O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 When a Democrat gives props to an old Demented man and calls him a winner I just SMH

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 says:


  3. K0RS41R says:

    If Biden ends up the Democratic nominee it’s game over for the DNC. Trump will MELT Biden.

  4. Ian McGarrett says:

    Joe Biden: A noun, a verb, Barack Obama.

    • Stonehedge says:

      @Andras Gregori he only followed whatever Obama decided. Bernie lead several social rights movements. One is a follower the other a leader

    • Teresa Castillo says:

      @Stonehedge Amen🔥🔥🔥

    • Larry Ames says:

      Heap, but he exposed to success. Bernie and Obama were not bros. Joe is strving for every angle garden Obama juju. Bernie didn’t, well actually couldn’t. And really, is any VP largely respected by a strong President.

    • cartman2dk says:

      @Andras Gregori lets just hope your guts have no important decisions to make – ever

    • Michael Salter says:

      @Conky Bubbles the sporadic capitalization is how you know you’re listening to a rational person …

  5. David Mitchell says:

    This debate made us see the only credible candidate is Bernie Sanders. A Biden nomination guarantees a Trump victory.

    • Spike Sta says:

      David Mitchell a sanders nomination guarantees a trump victory also

    • ilikenakidchixxx girdwainpain says:

      David Mitchell he sold out to Hillary in 2016 i don’t think I could vote for after

    • Win1@atime says:

      @ilikenakidchixxx girdwainpain Trump supporters usually say things like that. Bernie supported Clinton in 2016 because the idea of Trump in office was probably unconscionable to him. I detest Biden and hate how the DNC put its thumb on the scale for him, but if it comes down to him vs. Trump in November, I will be voting for Biden just to get Trump out. We can then figure out how to fix our country from there, with Bernie leading from the outside, just like he always has. Bernie is the people’s president.

    • Billy Pardew says:

      @Win1@atime Bernie is the people’s president LOL yeah the people that don’t go and vote. LOL and no neither one of them can beat Trump as a matter of fact you’re one of the few people that will actually still vote for Joe. Most Bernie voters aren’t even going to vote at all

    • Rockin Roll says:

      I hope they do not run together. They look like Beavis and Butthead

  6. Clifford Roebuck says:

    Can Biden talk about any of his policies without adding Obama’s name to it. We know Biden was Obama’s VP.

    • freeze peach says:

      Old boomer blacks love it

    • Slim Pickens says:

      @Alexander Walker Sure it does. Ever read a history book?

    • Rockin Roll says:

      To people with half a brain, using obamas name is a huge negative if they value their healthcare, freedom, liberty and also their paychecks

    • lion man says:

      @Ask Aas and the end of bush brought us Bush

    • Ask Aas says:

      @DAVID GOERTZ You can fact check Trump yourself. He is doing a terrible job. And CNN is certainly not trying to sell me Bernie … they have been slandering him more than Fox news. Also, Bernie has actually held real working class jobs … inform yourself fox news slave.

  7. Paul Matters says:

    Joe Biden has a dream. No literally he has a dream. He is asleep

  8. Anthony James says:

    “I’m joe biden, who’s he, he approves of you know, the thing”

    • anoynm anonymous says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA As a foreigner, I find that it’s sad that people like that can actually run for PRESIDENT OF THE LARGEST ARMED NATION ON EARTH… It’s ridiculous, retarded and…. you know… ridiculous.

    • TRE45ON says:

      @anoynm anonymous and become president. Ketchup!

    • Stephen Socash says:

      @anoynm anonymous I never watched a foreign election. Get a life lol

    • Slim Pickens says:

      @anoynm anonymous Their called “DEMOCRATS”. They’re screwed, blued, and tattooed!

    • myko freder says:

      Sanders and progressive climate people are deluding their followers because they are no where close to solving the problem, this is a world problem and producing half (from current 10%) of the US electricity from windmills solves 1% of the world problem, it only makes the fans feel good but solves nothing. Here are the facts I am sure Sanders is unaware of, the world uses 150 x 10^15 Wh a year in energy, a windmill cost $4M and produces 0.5 x 10^9 Wh a year, so you need 300 million wind mills (the US population) to cover the current energy needs of the world. It would take 100% of the US GDP 65 years to pay for that many wind mills. So do 3 million wind mills and solve 1% of the problem (we tried and failed argument), this try will cost 12 million million dollars.

  9. Alexis Alexander says:

    Bruhhh, lmaooo, Joe literally just keeps saying go to his website cuz he can’t remember everything lmao

  10. Johnny Braccia says:

    “No new fracking.” “New,” that’s so damn weak.

    • Julie Ann Racino says:

      Bernie Sanders is following New York State’s Cuomo Administration on fracking (via university sectors) and would benefit from the Governor’s discussion at the Cabinet level on these studies and concerns. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, SENRA, 2020

    • A2theJ9 says:

      Less carbon with fracking but all the methane that leaks more than offsets that–not to mention they pump poisonous fracking fluid into our drinking water.

    • Oz John says:

      Ian G We are finally energy independent and you want to give it up and go back to relying on foreign oil? That’s silly.

    • Robert Clawson says:

      Fracking is expensive to do compared to drilling it is profitable when oil prices are high. They aren’t. The Frac King was Obama.

    • Oz John says:

      Robert Clawson There’s a difference between a conventional oilfield and unconventional oil field. A conventional oilfield has a small number of highly productive wells. An unconventional oilfield has a large number of low-productivity wells. They drill conventional oil fields and frack unconventional.
      Oil prices aren’t high right now because of the Saudi/Russia price war going on. This is why we need to keep our energy independence so we don’t rely on foreign oil. Banning fracking and limiting our oil production will put us at the mercy of foreign oil. That would only benefit the Saudis and Russians.

  11. Simon Valsler says:

    Bernie shaking his head when Bidens waffling about climate change. He’s thinking “Bidens talking shit again”

    • Jody Lynn says:

      @Israel Keys Barber ShopNo he reacting to Biden being full of shit as usual! Do any of you ever fact check Joe Biden? He lies and over exaggerates his record constantly!

    • Jody Lynn says:

      @Israel Keys Barber Shop we need assassinate bad character! Joe Biden is not a good public servant! Hes the reason credit cards can charge outrageous interest! He’s the reason student debt is in crisis ! He wrote the crime bill ! I can go on and on !

    • Jody Lynn says:

      @Fred Davis That’s his posture!

    • Win1@atime says:

      @Jody Lynn That person is ageist and can’t find anything else to attack Bernie over. Sad.

    • Hypocrisy Killer says:

      @Israel Keys Barber Shop what a joke? a guy named Israel who lives in UK will say bullshit about Bernie and expect us to believe it? We all know that Zionists and AIPAC are against him, so please stop your shit.

  12. Eo says:

    this was the first time Bernie was aggressive, usually he is way too nice and look how Biden could not handle it. NOW imagine Trump against him, he will stomp the floor with his track record, all his lies it’s just like Hillaries E-mails “you would be in jail” repeat of 2016, and guess what the Dems will do then, they gonna blame Bernie, I’M CALLING IT NOW

    • Stonehedge says:

      Doesnt matter who they blame the DNC and corporate Democrat media dug its own grave. Trump is guaranteed to win.
      I have a feeling theres going to be massive amount of people refusing to vote for Joe Biden this November

  13. Vincent de jong says:

    Shocking that Biden basically just wants to lean back and do nothing on the climate crisis. Nothing.

    • Virgie T says:

      I live people like you who worry about the climate “crises.” I’ll bet you drive everywhere, use your e-devices 24/7 and eat way too much.

    • Win1@atime says:

      @Virgie T It’s a global systemic level problem, not just an individual level problem. We as individuals don’t pass the budgets for the US military that does the most to cause pollution and climate change. I suggest you read more, unless you’re just here to troll, that is.

    • Virgie T says:

      @Win1@atime Read more of what? The dribble you’re ingesting? Blaming the climate crises on the US military sounds like something a Sociology professor would tell his freshmen. I notice you don’t mention China, India, or Africa, the world’s biggest consumers of plastic in your blame list. Hmmmm, could it be because your Soc prof told you orangemanbad?

    • Tessa Veldhorst says:

      @Virgie T So you are basically saying that if others (other countries) do nothing to change their policies to battle pollution and climate change, US should do nothing either? Wow…

    • Vincent de jong says:

      @Virgie T Actually, all of your assumptions about me where wrong. I don’t drive everywhere, I don’t use devises 24/7 and I surely don’t eat too much. But even if your assumptions where true, you can’t just shift the blame onto individuals, while politicians in high office stand by and do next to nothing while they have actual power to fundamentally challenge these issues (like Win1@atime also pointed out).
      And beside the climate: I find it baffling that Biden, really wants to deny healthcare to people. What kind of a person is he, that he wants to veto M4A? Bernie Sanders is WAY too nice to this man.

  14. Bruh Really says:

    “Biden can beat Trump ” how he couldn’t even beat Bernie how is he gonna be able to handle Trump trolling? 😂🤔

  15. AusDaes says:

    “I’m Joe Biden, I know this problem more than anyone, I wrote the bill against it and know people who knows the effects”

    • Andras Gregori says:

      In some cases at least, he’s actually right about that.

    • Hypocrisy Killer says:

      @Andras Gregori actually he isn’t, saying simple facts where the majority accepted it and moved towards isn’t RIGHT, he is attributing to himself like he was the leader of that change or passing any laws!

  16. Daniel Lopez says:

    Drinking game: everytime Biden starts a sentence or even says “Obama and I” take a shot

  17. Stephane Groulx says:

    Seems they cut Bernie off quite a bit in this.

  18. Math Sensei says:

    Honestly I dont understand why people do not like Bernie? Common sense issues that NEED to be addressed

    • Slim Pickens says:

      How about: “I’m going to transform this country into what I’ve been advocating for the last 40 years but nobody listened!”

  19. TheCryptanalysis says:

    It was shocking to see how much Biden lied about his record in this whole debate.

  20. Brandon Cyrus says:

    Bernie: No more fracking!
    Biden: Exactly what I said. No new fracking.

    Ummmm…Joe, that’s not what he said. We’re smarter than that!

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