Sandra Bullock & Blake Shelton Play ‘5 Second Rule’

Sandra Bullock & Blake Shelton Play ‘5 Second Rule’

Ellen put together the unlikely duo of Sandra Bullock and Blake Shelton to face off in a game of “5 Second Rule.” Find out what the Oscar winner does after her kids go to bed, and which of Sandra Bullock’s movies are the country music superstar’s favorites.


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49 Responses

  1. Katrinas Space says:

    Their outfits are like a modern day JT and Britney

  2. Yuni Ale says:

    Ellen is so funny hit like if you are agree?

  3. Iconic says:

    1:16 1:46 2:16 3:55 Imagine watching that on tv with your family

  4. Ayu Thakur says:

    Sandra is competitive!I love her ❤️

  5. Sharon you says:

    Haha there’s so funny l love it .Hi ELLEN

  6. FoodLog says:

    This is the best show … ???????

  7. Noura Saad says:

    See people take her so seriously and think shes intimidating, but shes so goofy and funny I love herrrr!!!

    • Cahidi Joyo Raharjo says:

      Are you talking about Sandra or Ellen? Cause they’re both goofy and funny and some people are intimidated by them both.

  8. Dan says:

    Ellen did not seem into this today 🙁

  9. Lamin Bee says:

    I love Sandra so much ?❤️

  10. Dust Buggy says:

    The five second rule in my house growing up was eat it in 5 seconds or someone else will! ??

  11. Abdul says:

    Who’s here after watching Sandra’s new Netflix movie Bird Box? ?

  12. marina says:

    I don’t remember Ellen saying “doing it hard” BUT I remember “hittin it hard” lol

  13. iam awah says:

    Ellen looks jealous n uncomfortable.??

  14. Jak Sooksrimuang says:

    Sandra is 54 and Blake is 42 ?

  15. Mehdi X. Ismael says:

    She looks so done with these 2

  16. Alis Prospero says:

    Yknow when you introduce your best friend to your other best friend and they become best friends and you’re just standing watching them have fun… That’s Ellen here.

  17. McKayla Dill says:

    She missed a punch line by not yelling KELLY CLARKSON

  18. Mary Jane says:

    *struggles to avoid making observation on the chemistry between these two*

  19. R.B. Oakley says:

    Ellen’s attitude is way off here. So uncomfortable to watch.

  20. Chris Paez says:

    Is it just me or did Ellen seem a little impatient in this game?

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