Sandra Bullock Had a Crush on ‘Speed’ Co-Star Keanu Reeves

Sandra Bullock Had a Crush on ‘Speed’ Co-Star Keanu Reeves

Twenty-five years after the release of “Speed,” Sandra Bullock revealed to Ellen she had a bit of a crush on co-star Keanu Reeves. Plus, Ellen honored the actress with her very own dedicated landmark on the Warner Brothers lot!


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43 Responses

  1. Iconic says:


  2. Sharon you says:

    She’s cute ? love you Ellen ✋merry Christmas guys?

  3. خالد السبيعي says:

    Sandra bullock has a great properties. Her great personality, her act and the way she speaks. And she’s also funny.

  4. WeeAun Sim says:

    Love Speed, love Sandra Bullock,love Keanu Reeves, love Ellen DeGeneres, all were absolutely lovely

  5. sana raheem says:

    That speech was hilarious?

  6. Dust Buggy says:

    I think Keanu Reeves has a crush on Keanu Reeves ?

  7. jewel fanai says:

    Who doesnt have a crush on keanu?!!! Love love him

  8. I AM NRG says:

    Sandra Bullock is the most beautiful woman on earth!

  9. Juliet Vargas says:

    Reunion movies again for Sandra and Keanu

  10. Fleur Pétillante Phoenix says:

    Who doesn’t love Keanu

  11. JusticeAndrew says:

    I still have a crush on him…

  12. freakyangel1969 says:

    Keanu reeves is my absolute most favorite actor. Always has been. Always will me. He’s the best.

  13. praveen kumar says:

    She is a creative person for sure. That speech part was too good.

  14. Charity Rich says:

    Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves had incredible chemistry:’) I was so mad Keanu wasn’t in the second Speed movie-_-

  15. Ruby Ling says:

    Just look at Keanu Reeves in speed! Who wouldn’t have a crush on him! BTW, Sandra Bullock is gorgeous as always.

  16. Amina Anjum says:

    Everyone has a crush on Keanu Reeves

  17. MarVal 911 says:

    Who doesn’t have a crush on Keanu!?

  18. DearMakeUpDiary says:

    Keanu Reves should consider marrying Sandy B. It would be like a celebrity dream couple. He’s a bit of an introvert and she’s pure sparkle. Results= Bomb!

  19. ace razak says:

    I think Ellen is right Keanu must feel little bit intimidated coz Sandra was gorgeous back then n still now? luv a woman who is smart, funny, goofy n dont mind to make fun of herself..

  20. Callen Way says:

    The Lakehouse is one of my all time favorites because of her and KR. Love those two.

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