Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling at Her On-Screen Kids

Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling at Her On-Screen Kids

Sandra Bullock talked to Ellen about being blindfolded in her new movie “Bird Box,” and how she found it really easy to yell at her on-screen kids.


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42 Responses

  1. blumen moe says:

    I love you Ellen. Always waiting your show

  2. Rebecca Rhodes says:

    shes so cute

  3. EleWolf GT says:

    Omg i just watched that movie yesterday and it was amazing! ❤️

  4. Cute Bunny says:

    Ellen so much love from Pakistan❤

  5. cookiemonsterkooky says:

    Sandra Bullock is so beautiful ?

  6. No One says:

    She still so pretty ❤

  7. Relaxing White Noise HD says:

    I know that nobody will read this but,

    If just a single person reads this it will make my day! ❤ *I WISH U A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR* ❤
    Could u support my life dream to be the biggest relaxing music & calming sounds channel ?

  8. emercycrite says:

    So… it’s basically A Quiet Place but blindfolded instead of keeping silent?

  9. Roberto Luciano says:

    Sandra ages like fine ?

  10. Joyce K. says:

    I love Sandra and yes she is so pretty. Seems like a loyal and sweet friend.

  11. muggle hunter87 says:

    Would love to see a blooper reel cast just running into things

  12. HPGAMING 1 says:

    everybody comparing it to A Quiet Place, but i’m thinking it’s more like a dangerous Boggart from Harry Potter. Potterheads unite

  13. amaya s says:

    *sees the title*
    *Sees Sandra Bullock*
    *Clicks on the video faster than lightning*

  14. Jin_Stix .A says:

    She is so beautiful ?

  15. C Talley says:

    No claps for Trevante Rhodes tho? Boy that audience sucks

  16. bayley smith says:

    “You have a stage- it’s your game” ??

  17. Skateboarding In China Spots says:

    i dont see Ellen thw way i used to before! is it just me or Ellen is a total fake not so kind person as she always claims to be? i mean Ellen is funny but has a dark side of personality sometimes

    • Mahmoud Joseph says:

      Skateboarding In China Spots I don’t know if this is related but I do feel differently about her now after watching her stand up on Netflix.

    • Sondra douris says:

      Skateboarding In China Spots I totally agree in many episodes you can see a lot of shade that Ellen gives . She’s kinda rude sometimes . But because she gives things away no one sees it . I think she a wonderful perosn but she is not a saint as everyone states she is . NO one is a saint including Ellen .

    • Sondra douris says:

      Chris Paez that’s fine . It’s jsit I think that everyone has put a certain persona on Ellen . Like she’s perfect and I think people need to realize she isn’t and that’s fine . No one is perfect . Don’t take it to heart

  18. Roxanne Guenette says:

    I just love her so much!! She’s always been so down to earth from the interviews I’ve seen her in.

  19. it's Wayhaught says:

    With the incredible sarah paulson ?

  20. thalia jc says:

    I swear Sarah rubbed off onto every woman who was in Ocean’s 8 and they are all that much funnier for it now lol

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