Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson & Awkwafina’s Secret Skills

Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson & Awkwafina’s Secret Skills

After asking Awkwafina about the rap song that got her fired from a publicity job in New York, Sandra Bullock recalls her the days in college opening for a drag show and Sarah Paulson shows off some Mom dance skills.

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30 Responses

  1. Bruna Mori says:

    I see Sarah Paulson and Sandy I CLICK. Simple like that.

  2. Maya Ahmed says:

    I love you so so much ?#The#Late#Late#Show#With#James#Corden

  3. Stariana Music says:

    So Awkwafina got fired for a rap song?
    And I thought I was a dork.

  4. Hasan Karaçay says:

    milfs unity

    • La Citadele says:

      Hasan Karaçay I believe Sandra B is the only one that has kids. I’m positive Sarah Paulson doesn’t have any.

  5. Lamin Bee says:

    You Cant Hate Sarah Paulson Lmao Gotta Love Her?❤️? Mom Dance ?

  6. Rouzhina Safaei says:

    Awkwafina is super cute and I love her outfit but her shoes are too big for her and it’s all I can focus on!

  7. Sofia says:

    Sarah Paulson is just amazing!!!

  8. thegossipswan009 says:

    Sarah is such an awesome human being.

  9. Ri Ranjo says:

    I mean Sarah Paulson in any interview is the best!!

  10. fuck off says:

    i call that “the sims dance”

  11. HedaLexaKomTriku85 says:

    How can u not love Sarah Paulson xxx she’s so goofy it just makes you instantly warm to her xxxx

  12. Hyoyeons Blondehair says:

    Sarah can’t tone the goof down ??? I love them so much! I can’t wait to watch the movie!!
    Also, to that firm that fired Awkwafina, your mom’s a hoe.

  13. Timothy B says:

    I want to be friends with Sandra and Sarah so badly!

  14. margot denis says:

    Sarah Paulson !! Awkwafina !!! Sandra Bullock !!! Are awesome

  15. Z says:

    Sometimes I wanna be Akwafina. I wish I was the 8th member just to have the chance to hang out with these magnetic and godly human beings but most of the time, never mind, she’s so awkward. Lol

  16. Alannah says:

    LOL that mom dance is spot on i’m cackling!!!

  17. New Eddard says:

    Say it! Say it! Which firm? Where in Manhattan? ?

  18. Samniko Williams says:

    We just witnessed peer pressure live on tv

    • 卌laila says:

      awkwafina just didn’t want to call out her old company in respect to them although they should be called out for firing her for a stupid reason unrelated to her job at the time so i saw it as sandra and sarah just defending her and encouraging words meant to be spoken

  19. David Arjon Music says:

    Is Sarah Paulson aware of the fact that her and Adele could be sisters? Lol

  20. Dionasia Gardner says:

    A mom at her sons wedding dancing.

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