Sandwich of Justice – You Suck at Cooking (episode 25)

Sandwich of Justice – You Suck at Cooking (episode 25)


This sandwich began with Ryan.

Special thanks to Police Chief Paul.

Wide Bread
White Mayo
Brown Hashbrowns
Old Cheddar
Round Egg
A whisper of Ketchup
Thin wisps of pickle
Thicker wisps of tomato
Fresh salt
pepper pepper pepper
Creamy avocado
White mayo
Wide bread

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20 Responses

  1. redviral says:

    this episode cracked me up.

  2. Doc Howard says:

    Toast comes OUT of a toaster. Bread goes in.

  3. joywolf83 says:

    Thank you for list of ingredients! Very helpful

  4. izacefroni says:


  5. SpaghettiFace2 says:

    “I am no longer vegetarian for ethical reasons…” xD

  6. Barry Pham says:

    eggcellent sketch sir

  7. MDWF2111009 says:


  8. Laura B says:

    Just wanna say, you really rock the s** out of that balsa. Great work

  9. The Real Maxis says:

    I would watch this movie if I got a small loan of a million dollars.

  10. Nick Joslin says:

    “I’m no longer a vegetarian for ethical reasons.” LOL!

  11. gmikoner says:

    You need to make Deteggtives a show. Like now.

  12. MaxC350 says:

    What if I like pickles just not on my sandwich?

  13. Hack Pot says:

    there are 4 Egg people Chief of police, the detective, the dog and then
    john. The chief of police didn’t die, the dog didn’t make it into the bowl
    his guts are still on the ground. the number just doesn’t add up!

  14. Emily no says:

    I dont like pickles and ive been having headaches. Am i going to die?

  15. monroe1814 says:

    No longer vegetarian, ‘for ethical reasons’ HAHAHAHA!!!

  16. Gappiya says:

    Dude can you finish that EGG feature film please. I am scrambling to see

  17. Kevvin G says:

    That was just…amazing!

  18. Luis Esteves says:

    You had me at the Portuguese olive oil. :D

  19. Gabriel Balaich says:

    “I’m no longer vegetarian for ethical reasons.”

  20. Adam D. Frost says:

    The eggs XD