Sanguine Fighting Style Location Blox Fruits Update 20

Sanguine Fighting Style Location Blox Fruits Update 20

in todays video I will be showing you where the sanguines fighting style is and how to get it I don’t fully know how to get it yet but an NPC on top of the building did talk about a cold heart which was the leviathan so im assuming you have to kill it for more giveaways for giveaways #bloxfruits

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  1. Corgi says:

    If i figure out how to get cols heart ill pin msg, and hope u are enjoying the update

  2. Maruchan says:

    Ok so you have to kill a amount of terror sharks. If you walk to the spy guy, he says different hints everytime you kill one. Kinda like the manager in cafe “the guy was nearby earlier” im guessing you have to kill up to ten because his hints are getting stronger. So you have to sort of unlock the new hints with fragments and he will eventually give you the ability to spawn leviathan. It makes alot of sense too. Pls pin this.

  3. Rowlet Master says:

    to spawn the leviathan you most likely have to reach the max danger meter when traveling by boat I encountered 2 terrorsharks at lvl 4 so id assume at lvl 6 it should have a chance to spawn a leviathan from wich you can most likely get the cold heart

  4. ItsAquaPlays says:

    I think u need to talk to the spy then go at the end of the rocks which is where you will find the leviathan

  5. Xx_FOX_xX says:

    You can get cold heart from the leviathan. Nobody is sure about how to spawn it, however.

  6. Where is your father exactly? says:

    I am honestly shocked that someone found it under 20 minutes and had 20 minutes to edit this

  7. Joey Froelich says:

    To get it, you need to be level 2550 and get a leviathans heart, which drops from the leviathan

  8. Epick says:

    it might be the Leviathan because he has ice powers and he mind drop the cold heart. Because a tells you hints for the Leviathan and stuff. That might be the key for the Sanguine Art (My friend said this so this may be right)

    Edit2: You may need max level to get sanguine art tho
    Edit3: i see alot of people asking “How to get Leviathan” if ur danger meter goes up all the way your most likely to get Leviathan or other sea events.
    Etid4: Video on Sanguine Art
    (pin this)

  9. Pumba says:

    you need a leviathan hearth, i guess its dropped from the new raid boss in the level 6 of sea expeditions

  10. Hood Tv Man says:

    For those who don’t know what the island is, it’s a new 3rd sea island called Tiki Outpost. I found this out using portal

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