Sanibel Island rescues: Coast guard lifts people, pets off the island by chopper

Sanibel Island rescues: Coast guard lifts people, pets off the island by chopper

Video from the U.S. Coast Guard shows a Miami-based aircrew in a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter rescue four people, a dog and three cats from an area around Sanibel Island in southwest Florida on Thursday.

The Coast Guard says many other rescues were conducted in the same area.


Latest 10 Tampa Bay coverage on the aftermath of Hurricane Ian:






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40 Responses

  1. Erin BeepBeep says:

    Bless these kind and brave men and women for rescuing these people and their pets!

    • Hayward says:

      @louise smith Exactly. People are not thinking this through.

    • Hayward says:

      @elenalizabeth There were many that could evacuate but chose to ignore the orders. And there still are some that do not even want to be rescued as they want to stay in their homes. Able bodied people. While those that desperately need help are being delayed as these rescuers can not get to everyone.

    • louise smith says:

      @Hayward I agree.. that was my first thought, really makes me mad. The rescuers are also risking their lives.

    • Milferd Jones says:

      @Daisy Cocoa that would require a long walk over a sand washed in surface covered in water with stuff broken of buildings hidden in it. The guy probably could make it to a point where a boat could get close with some time but not the lady and dog.
      And any boat has to be brought there and they find a place to build a new launch point.
      All nearby boats torn up by storm.
      If boat rescue possible they would have done that.

  2. miss rayelyn says:

    As someone who grew up on the coast, the Coast Guard doesn’t get the recognition they deserve. They do many heroic tasks with little to no recognition. Thank you to the men and women of the Coast Guard for all you do.

  3. Trish says:


  4. Peregrine’s Sailing Adventures says:

    As myself once rescued by the Navy initiated by the USCG, my salute cannot be held long enough in admiration for the dedication of so many coasties. 👏

    • John Lukasik says:

      @elenalizabeth I was once towed in by the Coast Guard when my boat engine failed to restart on Lake Michigan ! That’s when I went to school in Orlando, FL to become a Marine Technician ! You got to love the Coast Guard !!! 🥰🥰🥰

    • elenalizabeth says:

      Yes ❤ they do not care how you got into the situation, only that if they can help you out of it, they will, and without charging for it

  5. Rommel Billman says:

    I’m a retired Coast Guard veteran. Semper Paratus “Always Ready”. guys. We’re a small service with a HUGE JOB! Thank you Tyler and the rest of the crew who were a part of this mission.

    • John Doe says:

      Do you feel like the house was sinking and they had no supplies? Would you risk the 1mill+ heli or send in a 20k boat?
      Thank you for your service.

    • Gavin Cowherd says:

      It’s gotta be weird looking down at all of those houses and wreckage knowing that the half ocean you are looking at was once a suburb. Thank you for your service you guys are a real life line to those stranded on the coast.

    • Just Miss Jamey says:


    • Kinsey Compass says:

      Thank you so much for your service, sir!! That robmonkey character is what we call a TROLL & is not worth your time, sir. I hope you have a blessed day!!💕💙💕💙

    • Judi Grumm says:

      @William Bonney A LOT!

  6. Clancy Girl says:

    This is absolutely terrifying … crying like a baby. I’m so sorry so many people have gone through this tragedy. God be with them all and thank you Coast Guard for all the remarkable rescues you’ve done and continue to do for the state of Florida and its people. Just devastating.

    • море says:

      Не забудь плакать за Донбас

    • Sun n Tan says:

      God didn’t stop the storm did he? So who is he actually with? This isn’t anything if you ever read a bible. We have our lives, it’s ALL good. Many in our history died a gruesome death, the worst is when man takes a man’s life. Religious people lack balance, logic, and can’t comprehend it’s up to ourselves to make it in life. God has zero to do with this before, during, and after. So go ahead and cry. It’s what weak people do, who aren’t made of the right stuff.

    • Cuprunnethover says:

      I know my heart hurts too! 💔

  7. Michelle Warmath says:

    Theme park rides may be fun but these “rides” are the very best of all. Lifesaving love and service. Thank you, Coast Guard. Connecticut, and America, are SO proud of you. Thinking of all of you down in Sanibel and in all parts hard hit by Ian.

    • Famous Bowl says:

      This dude…. comparing this to sid flags… gtfo! Its totaly different. One is saving lives.

    • A S says:

      And expensive! If you know that a hurricane with 100+ MPH winds are coming your way and the weather people tell you its got broad impact, just get out. Don’t waste people’s time and energy, For f***’s sake, get out!

  8. Tara Miller says:

    This is what being an American is all about! Thank you guys, for all you do. God bless!

    • KM says:

      @Green Lawn Farm do you live there? Have you ever even been there? I grew up in Fort Myers and visited Sanibel every weekend. Many of these homes are owned by elderly folks who worked their entire lives to afford homes like this. Many people inherited these homes from their parents and have been there for decades. The island has been hit by other hurricanes without having this level of flooding. The flooding is from the unprecedented storm surge which wasn’t predicted until just a few hours before it hit. People have lost their entire livelihoods, homes, businesses. Show some respect.

    • Green Lawn Farm says:

      Building a multimillion dollar house on sea level and then making the rest of the taxpayers bail them out? You are right! The American dream!

  9. Evelyn French says:

    All honor to our Coast Guard and all the military services. Thank you for your service. ❤️

  10. Library Nan says:

    My dad was Coast Guard. Behind every one of these Coasties is a family at home dealing with the hurricane aftermath by themselves. Great job Coasties!

    • Charles Roche says:

      @Joey Hunter Son was in the Coast Guard. Get educated. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open yur mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Library Nan says:

      @Joey Hunter My father spent 32 years in the Coast Guard and I have heard members of the Coast Guard referred to Coasties all of my life. I’m sorry that you do not have a frame of reference for this term.

    • Joey Hunter says:

      What the hell is a coastie? No such word… sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.

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