Santa Ana woman charged with battery after altercation with 12-year-old riding his bike

Santa Ana woman charged with battery after altercation with 12-year-old riding his bike

John Fenoglio reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on April 6, 2022.

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36 Responses

  1. Factman American says:

    Well done, young man. You handled that very well. Same for the parents. Well done. Crazy is crazy and this lady is crazy. You don’t touch someone elses kids, you go to the parents.

    • William Ramirez says:

      Parents didn’t do crap just call the cops mom let her walk up on him about to atttack and said nothing to her he had to get away.

    • comegetmyxlove says:

      @Captain Keyboard That cut was from the previous incident when he almost got hit by a car and had to stop his bike quickly. This video didn’t explain that though, I watched another video that mentioned it.

    • Staci Bayles says:

      @Saint Francis Obrian Evangelista Another Karen here. That kid didn’t disrespect that lady.

    • Staci Bayles says:

      @Yolanda Perez A sidewalk is for bicycles too. He is not supposed to be on the streets as a child Karen.

    • Man Animal says:

      I don’t know Factman,
      If Mrs. Garcia were nominated for an Oscar she would have never been charged and would have received a standing ovation from Tyler Perry and Bradley Cooper 🤣😂🤣😂

  2. The HERO Family says:

    The fact that she lied and said he ran into her even though he said he filmed her attacking him is insane to me. It’s wild that when he says it again she starts approaching in a threatening manor and his mom didn’t immediately slide in-between her cub and protect him. I hope this woman gets charged and her HOA removes her from the area for violating the agreement

  3. James Jones says:

    I love how the dad handled it; “go inside”. Exactly get your kid out of the situation ans handle it as the adult.

  4. Jerry Springa says:

    Dad and Mom are good parents and the boy is very level headed. Kudos to that family!

  5. Lakita Wright says:

    She hit someone else’s kid?! prosecute her to the fullest extent. She’s luck she didn’t encounter a different family because they might have opened up an industrial sized can of whoop you know what!

  6. L T says:

    i’m glad the parents pressed charges. this woman seems unstable.

  7. Alec Ver Bunker says:

    The kid handled that so well, along with the parents. When I heard “gated community” I was expecting him to be a brat 😂 but he’s clearly well raised 🤙

    • David H says:

      @bob tony yep. The best moment was when the dad cut off his son from aggrevating the situation more. The kid was past the point of diminishing returns on his stand against the crazy lady. Just because she was 110% wrong didn’t make him fully right.

    • cowpokesolo says:

      @bob tony He seemed pretty soft spoken and reasonable towards his parents. I was raised with manners and decency at the forefront but only towards those that show proper conduct as well. You don’t get the best side of me for nothing.

    • bob tony says:

      not really, he clearly has little respect and discipline, hopefully he gets better before he gets older.

    • BenDynamic says:

      @melanie rose I was about to say at his age and by modern norms he did really well.
      Hopefully that woman won’t be in a gated community much longer or the community will have her on a short leash

    • melanie rose says:

      Definitely handled it well, minus the cursing though. Still should never curse at an adult no matter how crazy they are, but hey that’s just my opinion, and I know sadly it’s normal for kids these day ls to curse.

  8. Toby St Cyr says:

    It is so important for fathers to be a part of the family structure. The presence of the man and the words he spoke said it all.

    • Alma Wells says:

      @xcaluhbration – and may peace be with you too, and your family, and friends. Thank you.
      Take care.
      Have a nice life.

    • Alan Nelson says:

      @xcaluhbration I agree💯👍. Well said.

    • xcaluhbration says:

      @Alma Wells okay. Peace be unto you.

    • Alma Wells says:

      @xcaluhbration – What planet are you from ??? cause I need to live on your planet !
      wow ! I absolutely love your comment,
      unfortunately in my world…
      your comment is merely a wishful fantasy. I wish I was living in that wonderful era of time…

    • xcaluhbration says:

      @Adam Faruqi I disagree. Statistically the nuclear home of a father and mother is the optimal condition for raising children.

      You can lose an arm and still live a productive life but it’s not considered ideal. You can be born with two left arms and live a productive life as well but two opposing arms are what’s optimal and to say otherwise would be foolish.

  9. Hey Miss! says:

    “Get inside” that was a great decision and he did it quickly/calmly. Love Dads like that 👍🏽👍🏽 both parents handled it the way all parents should handle situations like this: calm demeanor, no hysterics, no violence.

  10. Tiffany Thibodeau says:

    Glad to see women being held accountable finally for their actions.

    • chuckasutra says:

      It’s a woman in California, nothing is going to happen, a little slap on the hand with a “please don’t do it again” and that’s it.

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