Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App? with Sarah Jessica Parker

Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App? with Sarah Jessica Parker

One of Billy on the Street’s biggest fans, Sarah Jessica Parker, joins Billy to play a special holiday game: Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App? Watch Billy on the Street Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on truTV.

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20 Responses

  1. Blakefan87 says:

    who’s the old horse???

  2. Blakefan87 says:

    put a set of horns on her and she could be one of Santa’s reindeer… :)

  3. Spurs 978 says:

    Wtf is this

  4. wowcat says:

    stop horsing around and get to the quiz

  5. Zach Dunn says:

    Jeez guy. Let her talk smh

  6. WOWmaniac665 says:

    Such a good pairing

  7. Jordan449 says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker walks into the bar the bartender says why the long

  8. Benjamin Snell says:

    Why is he talking to a horse?

  9. Julia Berndt says:

    ohmygod Billy!!! you are so fucking hilarious! and I love me some Sarah
    Jessica Parker.

  10. Melanie Clauss says:

    She’s still so beautiful, this was hilarious!

  11. Lord Nermal says:

    *Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App? With a horse

  12. Michael Roberts says:

    bahaha. I’ve never seen sex in the city but this guy makes me wish

  13. Darwin's Beer Reviews says:

    I actually really like SJP after this. She’s dope.

  14. Michael Sikler says:

    Omg let her talk.. Had to shut this off.

  15. Critterfurr says:

    i thought i clicked on a horse video

  16. Jamie Lawson says:

    That horse is very well behaved

  17. FatKidBehindANiggaWhopper says:

    Yaya a talking horse

  18. Crafter Pvp says:

    1:16, the guy taking a picture lol

  19. Beary nice says:

    an interview where he asks questions but interrupts. annoys the fuck out of

  20. TazTalksYouListen says:

    0:29 Maybe select a shirt from the enormous closet that *doesn’t* have a
    rip on the arm…?