Saoirse Ronan Spent the Rest of Her Golden Globes Night in Her PJs

Saoirse Ronan Spent the Rest of Her Golden Globes Night in Her PJs

Actress Saoirse Ronan presented at the 2019 Golden Globes, and admitted to Ellen she left so quickly that she had time to order pizza, change into pajamas, and still catch the rest of the telecast! The “Mary Queen of Scots” star also revealed her bag of stolen items from the awards show, and how she has serious dreams of becoming a waitress.


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57 Responses

  1. The Alex Jones Channel says:

    Saoirse Ronan Spent the Rest of Her Golden Globes Night in Her PJs

  2. Wicked Gamer says:

    I hope i marry her in the Future.

  3. Bamsambam33 says:

    She’s so adorable

  4. None Religist says:

    She looks really good

  5. Blurryface 28 says:

    Her accent?

  6. Liz Sales says:

    She’s the most adorable thief haha

  7. Bhargav Das says:

    She always talks about the mugs. She is the most natural human in Hollywood. I love her so much ❤️❤️

  8. Jace Jacobs says:

    ✋????❤️ Golden Globes gear for the win! The Spoon ?Get the spoon! Love this girl and her voice. ❤️?

  9. Ri Ranjo says:

    remember Lovely Bones? Yeaaahhh time flies fast

  10. MrsBungle78 says:

    Here’s me thinking she was going to give someone her real Golden Globes goodie bag. I know I would if I was a celebrity- it’d make someone’s day to get that swag…that I’d be rich enough to afford myself so I wouldn’t need it! I might keep the first 1 or 2, just out of sheer excitement…but after that I’d go all Oprah!?

  11. Coldclearblue says:

    I looooove this girl. She’s completely different from all hollywood actresses out there

    • Mountain Man says:

      That’s what they said about Jennifer Lawrence and look how she turned out. I hope you didn’t jinx her :/

  12. MusicBankTv says:

    Great accent. Watching from Nairobi KENYA

  13. Sarah Francine says:

    and she’s only 24

  14. Someone Somewhere says:

    She should do an „Ellen in saoirse‘s ear“

  15. wesh asawi says:

    Ellen rushed her bit ?

    • Zuleyma R. says:

      +Mona Ali Experience does not equal perfection

    • Rafael Herschel says:

      +jgreening Which is awesome! The Ellen Show is always trying to sell stuff, Saoirse shows up with a bag of garbage and the audience actually gets excited 🙂

    • Alex Martinez says:

      +Zuleyma R. Ellen doesn’t like funnier people than her? hah i’ve seen times on the show when the guest did all the talking while Ellen just laughed

    • mysterychemistry says:

      honestly, that bag of trash from the Golden Globes was embarrassing and boring. it’s no wonder Ellen wanted to see the end of it.

    • Sean Domhnall O Sullivan says:

      She always rushes with her I find her kinda rude to saoirse.

  16. JAP says:

    At first I thought “Oh no the outfit” but she actually looks really beautiful!?

  17. JazzJadore says:

    She basically brought a bag of garbage from the Golden Globes’s for the audience. Lol

  18. Aman says:

    The girl got happy and excited by getting a bag of junk and garbage from golden globes lol?

  19. Bang Si-hyuk Hitman Bang says:

    Only Ronan can look beautiful in that outfit..

  20. palemoonlight96 says:

    0:47 The way she said “pizza” here resembles when adele said “pizza” when she played 5 second rule with Ellen ??

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