Sarah literally thinks she’s going home later…

Sarah literally thinks she’s going home later…

“So, when am I getting my stuff back?”

Special thanks to @LawAndCrime for sending us the documents.
Sarah Boone full bodycam footage –
Sarah Boone full interrogation –

TCL analysis –
Voice over –

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49 Responses

  1. JCS - Criminal Psychology says:

    Thanks for watching guys, and sorry again for the delay – a few things came up. Next episode will be out soon x

  2. Naomi Eaton says:

    I’ve seen people describe how they accidentally parked in the wrong spot with more emotional engagement than her describing how she suffocated a man to death.

    • C says:

      ​@De Lee That’s my point. You reacted how you reacted and DIFFERENT people react in different ways. So don’t judge. That is my point!

    • C says:

      ​@Dewi Lew Her flat affect (seemingly lack of emotions) matches/is a sign of what you see with victims of abuse. 😢
      Or possibly from drug use. It’s unwise to judge people based on how you think they should react or behave in a given situation. 😢

    • C says:

      ​@thegirlwholeftthefridgeopen What sentence?

    • Marie Walch says:

      She almost started crying bc she was thirsty… but not talking about what happened…

    • C says:

      ​@Bob Franklin I thought it was asparagi or asparaguses.
      And asparageese was a child’s book. 😂

  3. Raymond Petrovits says:

    This woman is totally detached from reality. A true train wreck of a human being. Her denial of what she did shows self preservation on a whole different level. Her ex is so lucky to be rid of her as well as the 9 year old son.

    • 1st Amendment or Die 1776 says:

      The way you wrote that lumps the kid in with the mom btw

    • esoterrorhythm says:

      Sadly she just sounds like any other addict to me. Makes it all about her, thinks she can lie her way out of anything (probably from experience). Not to say that every addict could or would do what she did, but in the way she reacts to being confronted.

    • majaspace says:

      She IS A MOTHER! How scary

    • Jeanne Wommack says:

      I didn’t know that. She has a son? oh my

  4. -AV8R- says:

    26:55 She’s literally so crazy that she actually thinks if she tells them she’s “never gonna drink alcohol again in any way shape or form”, and makes really serious faces, that they’re just gonna be like, “oh! Why didn’t you say so? I guess that’s good enough for us! You’re free to go!”

  5. Blurry says:

    The irony of her concern for a panic attack in the holding cell when she trapped him in a suitcase to die is unreal…

  6. BAGofTALENT says:

    She literally films a video of herself killing him and still can’t understand that it’s all over for her, The level of stupid some people are is truly unbelievable.

    • Brazen's Musings says:

      @medeya Actually people don’t realize that someone dying because of your negligence or action under influence still deserves severe punishment and thus is punishable…

    • B says:

      Yeah I shouldn’t have watched that. Just made me unreasonably angry.

    • Terrible Painter says:

      It’s always the same, these criminals always think they get away with it when the truth is that they have already purchased a ticket to jail by committing the crime.

  7. Chili Man says:

    This is the spookiest kind of person that there is. She thinks that she did nothing wrong and expresses no remorse whatsoever, she’s just concerned about her stuff. There’s more to it, I can’t quite put it into words, but she’s terrifying.

    • MaschaOrSomething says:

      Not excusing the cruel murder, I can very much imagine how you wouldn’t blink twice once your abuser has died. :/

    • VaderPopsVicodin10 says:

      ​@RosemaDoesn’t excuse the fact that she’s still directly responsible for the man’s (very preventable) death, and how she seems NOT to “get” that fact. There’s a sense of detached reality there, regarding her reaction.

    • Rosema says:

      Becuase she didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t know he was going to die. Did you not watch? They were drinking and goofing around

    • Kaitlyn Dismuke says:

      What you’re detecting is a complete lack of consciousness. Humans aren’t normally built that way (obviously) so when we encounter it always gives that spooky/creeped out feeling. This ish is not normal.

    • VaderPopsVicodin10 says:

      Indeed, I hear ya.. there’s something else that I can’t put into words either. She’s not right in the head, that’s obvious. But.. something else more than that.

  8. Bancho says:

    Unironically saying “you guys are killing me right now “ during your homicide Interrogation is an almost impressive level of self awareness

  9. Isa says:

    I love how gentle and firm the police officer with the body cam is. She seems so sweet and competent.

  10. Ziggin Zag says:

    She has so much in common with my mom, who has been an alcoholic for the last 40 years. No matter what happens, it happens to her. Even the death of others, she somehow is the real victim.

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