Sarah Paulson Gets Scared During ‘5 Second Rule’

Sarah Paulson Gets Scared During ‘5 Second Rule’

Sarah Paulson agreed to play a friendly game of “5 Second Rule” with Ellen, but after she got yet another scare on the show, it turned out Sarah was right to be suspicious!

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54 Responses

  1. M /Best Video says:


  2. Faith Lee says:

    Sarah Paulson will forever be a Scare-ee 😂😂😂😂

  3. Malak Sh says:

    Lmao ellen also got scared 2:04 😂😂

  4. Cherish Ireland says:

    I like how graceful she did that freek out lol.

  5. Boston Prince says:

    “Crickets” was the clowns signal word.

  6. Courtney Govender says:

    That would be my reaction too😂

  7. Sara A. says:

    “How you doin'”
    Joey Tribbiani💜😂

  8. Karen Gutloff says:

    Who knew Sarah Paulson was so hilarious. This had me in tears.

  9. Ingrid says:

    Poor Sarah always scared by Ellen

  10. ShireenPlays says:

    As soon as I saw that the buttons were bigger and the box underneath was bigger I was like “Oh boy, it goes downhill from here” 😂

  11. Calvin Ryndell says:

    The scare is at 2:04 in case you wanted to skip ahead or replay it😂

  12. cr98 says:

    this was the meanest and most unexpected scare yet on Ellen haha. I love Sarah Paulson with all my heart.

  13. Black Butterfly says:


  14. Kbear2097 says:

    That was beautiful 😂😂

  15. Selma Malik says:

    Never seen Ellen laugh this hard in her entire life

    • tevia lim says:

      Lydia .inplainsight131 i was about to say that!!

    • Ashish Masih says:

      Well then you might have never seen her ‘in-ear pranks’.

    • Markayla Carson says:

      RIGHT lol I was just about to comment this.

    • Maksim Pronin says:

      💕💙 *Меinе nеuėn sехuеllеn Fоtȯs sind hiėr*
      💕💙 [ ] ◄ ◄
      💕💙 [ ] ◄ ◄
      💕💙 *Schreib mir* , *iсh wаrtе аuf diсh* !

      💖💖 *Ich bin jung, nėtt und brаuchė еinen*
      💖💖 *Рȧrtnеr für Seх* .
      💖💖 *Mеinе nėuėn Fоtȯs sind hier*
      💖💖 [ ] ◄ ◄

    • odeur71 says:

      well, maybe she has a little crush on sarah:)

  16. laila1989ism says:

    It’s incredible that Ellen can scare the actress who stars in the scariest show lol

  17. Rrss 111 says:

    “this is the worst place on earth” 😂😂😂 roflmao lol omg hahaha

  18. Hailey & a Spoon says:

    Ellen’s laugh kills me! 😂

  19. hilmir says:

    It’s two lesbians imitating Cher with a confused black man in the middle on TV. Welcome to 2018.

  20. afro curly girl says:

    I bet it would be so much fun to be Sarah’s friend.

    • Katie Waity says:

      afro curly girl You’d have to be as cool as her to be her friend.
      I’m not lol. I aspire to be more like her, She’s so elegant, classy smart yet fun and goofy and hilarious. She’s also cute and just overall a delight.

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