Sarah’s Secret Friend pam_a_cake #shorts

Sarah’s Secret Friend pam_a_cake #shorts

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  1. SnowySparkleBear says:

    Secret Santa was always so fun! 🎄 I remember getting homemade ornaments in second grade from one of my classmates, I still have them! 😁☃️🎄

  2. Liam Loves Dogs says:

    I wonder what names everyone got! This got me excited for this week because I just realized Christmas is so close and my class is doing this as well! 🎄❄️

  3. Manya Karthik says:

    I always forget that it’s the same person playing the all characters, you are a really good actor! Love your videos!

  4. Jessie Vecchio says:

    I love the attention to detail in her videos. She changes different outfits and even her hairstyle. It makes you forget that only one person is playing all of these characters!

  5. joselyn alc says:

    I love how Sarah is making it so obvi that she got Katie 😂🤣

  6. Inumaki's smol onigiri says:

    Im doing this in class rn! But the disappointing thing is that everyone’s asking who got who and a classmate told me who got mine😔 But I’m still excited about what’s he getting me because in our class we take a paper with our name and write examples of what we want that’s $5 or less because our budget is $5 and not all of us talk to each other or are friends so it’s very useful! I just wished everyone didn’t ask who got who because it would have been way more fun like that!

  7. Cameron Ginger says:

    Secret Santa is always fun! I do it every year with my friends and I am always excited to see their facial expression when they open the gift! It makes me so happy 😊

  8. Coco Ponder says:

    When Katie said she likes horses she had all my respect and when Sarah talked about Harry Potter she had all my respect 😇💘

  9. Lexi Snider says:

    Oooo! I just did a secret Santa! They are so fun! While my “person” was halfway opening there gift, I told them that I had them. I couldn’t hold it in!!! 😂

    Btw I love your videos and your character Sarah!! She is my favorite, but I love Jake’s attitude like all he wants is food and to be lazy 🤣 like that’s my sole-mate!!

  10. Julia Mcgough says:

    I genuinely love seeing her with Harry Potter books and shirts and stuff it makes me so happy 😊

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