Sasha Banks Bosses Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Sasha Banks Bosses Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

The Legit Boss herself—WWE superstar Sasha Banks—is no stranger to throwing down in the squared circle. But how will she fare in the Hot Ones terror dome? Find out as Banks battles the wings of death alongside Sean Evans, breaking down wrestling style and explaining how Snoop Dogg helped develop her ring persona along the way.

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52 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    HOT ONE FANS: Which other wrestlers do you want to see take on the wings of death?

  2. Chidi Maduike says:

    Man I didn’t know who she was but you can believe I’m a fan of her now!

  3. Silent Mike says:

    Sasha killed it but we need the Texas Rattlesnake on here!

  4. JigglyChocolateman says:

    She’s very charming

  5. Gage Luis says:

    Joe Rogan

  6. prodhrider says:

    great episode after the horrible first episode.

  7. soulseeker3194 says:

    Goldberg 😂😂

  8. Lauryn Michelle says:

    Much better than the abomination that was Taraji 😂

  9. Nameless Ghoul says:

    I don’t follow WWE nor I didn’t know who Sasha Banks is, but she’s a great guest. Seems like really nice and down to earth person. And she’s hot!

  10. kachuck says:

    Can you get Jason Momoa on here?

  11. Nick says:

    For any wrestling fans or anyone that’s not familiar with Sasha banks, her match with Bayley at NXT Takeover is one of the greatest women’s matches of all time. This is the link if you’re interested.

  12. Jeremy Hayes says:

    Sasha’s so pretty and really talented. Just perfect

  13. Yoo Dabba Dabba says:

    Sasha’s hotter than those wings😍😍

  14. search4wisdom says:

    Goddamn she is fine as hell.

  15. Jordan G. says:

    Her cuz is Snoop Dogg!!!!!!!

  16. Trevor Tucker says:

    I can only imagine Vince walking around, all coked up, telling everyone he’s the man. 😂

  17. Endyo says:

    You guys finally got some damn hot sauce promotion. I was getting angry at all the money you weren’t making yet.

  18. Abrupt OG says:

    triceps on a female is so sexy

  19. wav.yliving 波打つ says:

    She hit you with that Back Stabber and roll into that Bank Statement and you done fam

  20. Herminio Hernandez-Buso says:

    Lol….I bet she regrets saying badaboom after the drama with the realest rapist in da room aka Enzo “The Rapist” Amore!

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