Sauron VS Lich King (Lord of the Rings VS World of Warcraft) | DEATH BATTLE!

Sauron VS Lich King (Lord of the Rings VS World of Warcraft) | DEATH BATTLE!

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– “One King to Rule Them All” – Battle Music
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37 Responses

  1. TheRenegade says:

    Sauron about to get more screen time then in the entire franchise

  2. PokeyScorpion82 says:

    I love how Sauron鈥檚 breakdown is presented in such a Tolkien-esque way, very fitting

    Also the Black Speech whispering is just a really nice touch

  3. XenoGuy 123 says:

    I think my favorite aspect of this fight is the sound design. The whispers of Sauron鈥檚 black speech, the ethereal roars of each character鈥檚 Magic鈥檚, and my personal favorite, the Eldritch Screams of The One Ring鈥檚 terrible might.

  4. Joshua Dickey says:

    I was surprised that you guys didn鈥檛 mention that when Sauron went by Gorthaur, he was more than just a shapeshifter. His first title was The Necromancer and he raised corpses and hung out with vampires and werewolves on an island with a tower on it.

  5. Remedy says:

    “I will rip out your heart”
    “You will find nothing there!”

    Such a metal line.

  6. ArticAbyss 64 says:

    One does not simply watch Death Battle without getting Excited

    • the crab knight says:

      now I’m going to watch death battle without excitment out of spite

    • Andoion Malvon says:

      @Reden Riot I mean one can make the argument that the Lich King can win but when in comparison between the two we know Sauron has less exploitable weaknesses compared to Arthas. Art has cannot take his soul nor does he have a great way to destroy the One Ring whereas Sauron can either shatter Lich King’s sword, destroy his helm, or damage the throne which does weaken the Lich King if memory serves so there’s a lot more going for Sauron than people care to admit.

    • Sean Wilson says:

      there are spectacles that never cease to amaze.

    • andrea_official says:


    • Nathan Labrador says:

      @DedJohnny Same here.

  7. Vincent Warren says:

    Wanted Sauron to win as LOTR fan, but halfway through fight didn鈥檛 care who won at that point. This was BADASS as hell!

  8. x3duhBrain says:

    The battle I didn’t know I needed but was truly as epic as can be, love this one

  9. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    I still can’t get over how EPIC Sauron sounds to this day. His “Black Speech” still lingers in my mind all the time. Just imagine what Morgoth would’ve sounded like.

  10. Radiant Wolf says:

    18:23 鈥淭here is no life in the void. Only death.鈥 God i got goosebumps

    • Non-Haeretici Coalition says:

      Yeah that gave me the ultimate chills

    • andrea_official says:

      Frodo is getting trauma from that quote.

      鈥淵ou draw far too much attention to yourself, Mr. Underhill. I know what haunts you. You can no longer wait for the wizard, Frodo. They鈥檙e coming.鈥

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