Savage Tiktok Challenge with Darius

Savage Tiktok Challenge with Darius

Having fun with Darius! Hope you guys enjoy.

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42 Responses

  1. Ayanna Strickland says:

    I think I recall Blove saying she had no rhythm on one of her collabs but honey play with you!! You did the damn thang and y’all were too cute doing it.

  2. Ms Simplicity1122 says:

    Yasssssss Mrs. B…I’ve watched this like 10 times or more here and on Instagram yall did that ❤😜

  3. kc marie says:

    Darius don’t care what nobody thinks about him and I’m here for it!! Y’all better get it!!!

  4. Crystal Campagnone says:

    Killed it the both of you. I watched this so many times.

  5. Caramel Keen says:

    I needed this today. Y’all never disappoint. I’m here for all things Gaskin!! Get it get it get it!!

  6. Jewel Bell says:

    Darius dancing without a shirt and got on Nate’s chain, I was shocked. I have watched this several times. Darius you can dance your behind off. Please y’all do another one.

  7. D K S says:

    Yes b u killed it and Darius energy was everything omg

  8. Annoying As DiDi says:

    Omg look at Darius, I was not expecting that. Him a model. Him look like he putting on weight too 😍😎😊

    • Dominican Beauty says:

      @Skye _ catolog you don’t have to be tall to be considered model material. Not all fashion shows have tall people… Tf

    • Annoying As DiDi says:

      @Skye _ His height doesn’t matter tf, some of the shortest men in the entertainment industry are the most successful. Such a vibe killer. He can be a great short Male model, plus he is still growing. He can start now when with the right agent and work ethic. You clearly dont know what it really takes to be a model. Its all about the angles darling 😎💫👑😘

    • E Gal says:

      LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!! 🎥💃🕺🎶🥰

  9. patricia henderson says:

    Get it throw that hip Hey Darius get it in lol

  10. Jamie M. says:

    It’s official, I had to grab a bottle of Gatorade to hydrate my thirst when looking at Darius!

  11. Aniyah Thomas says:

    Oh so nobody’s not gonna talk about how that is probably her first TickTock yes you did it way better than me

  12. Lisa Turpin says:

    Aight now y’all did that, Darius lookin sexxie ayyy!

  13. Emma Robinson says:

    I can’t stop watching get I love it y’all did that

  14. Quenlynn00 says:

    Y’all killed it. Darius I wasn’t expecting you to move like that. I see ya

  15. SHARADA WILSON says:


  16. Glenn Johnson says:

    Hey what’s good my lady. Darius. Okay I see y’all B you was moving like you were 21 again. That was cute though.

  17. Dudley Miracle says:

    Lol now why is Darius wearing Nate’s chain 😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all killed it though ! 😜

  18. Nikki Nibblez ASMR says:

    Way too cute! Ok B, get it girl!! Your moves gave Darius’s a run for their money, and you hella snatched! No shade Darius. I love you honey❤️😂

  19. La ya says:

    Why is no one talking about how young she looks omg 😍😍😍!!! Black don’t crack 💃🏾

  20. Bro. Chronicles says:

    Omg I loved every moment of this! Didn’t know the dance or nothing but y’all both had rhythm and did it excellently!

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