Savannahs Pregnant With Baby Number 5. (raw reaction)

Savannahs Pregnant With Baby Number 5. (raw reaction)

well guys… Baby 5 might have have come by surprise to us but not to God. We know this babies life will carry such an incredible purpose and we can’t wait to bring you into our already crazy family!

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  1. @pjrhrb says:

    When I discovered I was pregnant with my 4th baby I cried so hard because I only wanted 3. She finished our family! I can’t imagine life without her. Surprises are the best!

    • @yanab4 says:

      I could of wrote this! I had my 4th a year ago and my hubby had vasectomy 2 weeks ago.. we are done. I remember I was shocked and sad when I found out that I was pregnant with 4th because I had 1 year old back then so it was hard but I agree our 4th baby completed our family!!

    • @GroundhogBaby says:

      Don’t be fooled. They weren’t surprised. They knew exactly what they were doing. It’s all about the money and exploiting their children, so they can continue living the lifestyle they are living. In other words chasing them Benjamins.

  2. @JillianSmall_ChildofGod says:

    I don’t how I knew this, but I literally said a couple days ago that I believe Savanna is pregnant right now. Congratulations to you guys once again! This is amazing. Children are a huge blessing from God and to have lots of them is amazing! Congrats to you guys man. Blessings on this pregnancy.

  3. @rosanaguedes1118 says:


  4. @singeratheart88 says:

    Congratulations, Cole and Savannah! What a beautiful blessing from God! 💙💗

  5. @nikkicreech8373 says:

    Obviously God sees how awesome yall are raising your kids & he knows we need a generation like them!! YOURE RAISING UP AN ARMY FOR THE KINGDOM!!

  6. @kaylamanfoud1425 says:

    “Man you are so fertile” 😆 love this! Congratulations 👐🏻

  7. @hipfan1234 says:

    Congratulations Cole and Sav! I’ve been watching from the beginning and I just know how much the new baby will be loved!

  8. @alegriadj9997 says:

    Congratulations Savy and Cole!!! I’m Soo happy for you two and your babies ❤
    You’re such wonderful parents.

  9. @reesetimmerman2072 says:

    Can’t wait to see Everleighs reaction!!!!

  10. @gagethedeerkiller says:

    Aw you’ve gotta be kidding me!! That’s awesome!! Praying for a safe pregnancy!!

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