Saving a Business From Going Bankrupt

Saving a Business From Going Bankrupt

Our April Collection is now live for 72hrs:
Thank you to all of the amazing business owners who wrote to us, we hope you all find your paths and that we can continue finding ways to help.

Seek Discomfort commercial by Burning Boat

Composer Bennett Jenisch,
Stop Motion Animation by Brickbrosproductions,
Pixel Art Design by diconcilio,
VO by laithchazz,
Production assistant: Dario Napoli

Good news: Seek Discomfort has now donated over 250,000 meals and 6,500 masks and there’s plenty more coming.

Sending love to all of those affected by everything that’s happening and to all the healthcare workers in the front lines.

Amazing job to the Mads and Taylor from Burning Boat, truly amazing to have worked with these guys:

If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 100,000+ of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here:…


Musicbed has amazing montage and cinematic music:

For an amazing b-roll and footage library, checkout:

Yes Theory Spotify Playlist:…

Exclusive challenges on Instagram:

Who are we?
We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you’re willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.

Business Inquiries:
For community inquiries:
Join our texting community: +1 (323) 310-5420

Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry
Produced by Lauren Rosen

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62 Responses

  1. Datu Kadatuan says:

    The dude with a triangle jacket looks like beard-less pewdipie

  2. Daniel Sandleman says:

    that guy looks like a pewdiepie without fame

  3. Yaqoub Alyaqoub says:

    When is trying to learn how to do a backflip in 72 hours part 2 coming out

  4. S. M. Afnan Rehan says:

    These guys deserve way more attention than they already have, they have helped so many people’s lives, it is amazing

  5. gabracadabra says:

    who else watched yes theory on mr beasts rock paper scissors stream?

  6. B l e a c h e d says:

    I’m really happy to see everyone coming together during a crucial time

  7. Isabelle says:

    Yes Theory editors: “Sooo… we have 24 hours to edit this whole episode?” Great! haha

    • Yes Theory says:

      Isabelle it was definitely a tight turnaround for us too! But they were sending us the behind the scenes footage each day so wasn’t too bad 🙏😆

    • Luisa Barquero says:

      @Yes Theory i love you guys!! sending you hugs from costa rica!!

  8. Gentlemen says:

    I am a man and I have to say Matt looks so handsome!!! Give this man a woman: he deserves it 🙂 Also very nice video guys, as always. Love from Germany

  9. 1 Sub Before 2021 Please? says:

    why are here more comments about a guy looking like pewds

    instead of appreciating what good things they doing..😂

    Good Job guys keep it up ^_^

  10. smixy says:

    *trying to get goosebumps*

    me: just watch one of yes theories videos

    u guys are so good at what you do, thank you!

  11. Yes Theory says:

    Like the video and go to if you liked PewDiePie’s commercial! 🙏😆

  12. scythexx says:

    Who else knew this was coming from KSI vs Matt

    • Kim M says:

      Marios Pavloudis they mentioned it in mrbeasts livestream (rock paper scissors competition with youtubers/influencers)

    • Marios Pavloudis says:

      @Kim M thanks bro..didn’t know

    • Daniel Vela says:

      Marios Pavloudis yes theory mention it when it got awkward that the competition came to a halt because the link to the competitors was leaked (Ksi mention TFue, and ninja tweeted about it but the. Deleted the tweet).

      Ksi said he had a music video or something and yes theory said they where releasing a video about helping a business.

    • gabracadabra says:

      @Daniel Vela hahaha yeah i cringed a bit at the silence after they said it

    • TH says:

      Tfue screwed that stream a bit, halted it for almost 20 minutes maybe more idk and it was a charity stream

  13. Gaby says:

    This is so amazing guys. And damn that “comercial” WAS SO FCKN COOL LIKE WOOOOOW, my mind is blown. You are so freaking inspiring, I can’t even process. Love u all

    • DistrackXmusic says:

      All these comments about how the guy looks like PewDiePie and this is what I wanted to see!!❤️❤️❤️

  14. Barış E. says:

    It’s nice of you guys to support Pewdiepie in these hard times

  15. Akash Dobhal says:

    Me: Damm that guy look like Pewdiepie, I wonder if anyone else think that too.
    Open the comment section-Yeah okay..

  16. Nicklas Ten Hoonte says:

    Are we not gonna talk about that both partners with yes theory are from Denmark?

  17. Dávid. says:

    Is no one gonna talk about how good their accents are considering they’re from Copenhagen,Denmark

  18. Dank Potato says:

    There’s been alot PewDiePie doppelgangers that I’m not even surprised anymore

  19. b_bomsite says:

    Yes Theory: lets show you the moment you were waiting for.

  20. 1000 Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video says:

    *I pray everyone reading this doesn’t get coronavirus.*

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