Saving the Server that Deletes itself

Saving the Server that Deletes itself

Every day, this server updates backwards, deleting every block for each update.

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31 Responses

  1. rekrap2 says:

    This is day one of the server. I had to miss some of the later days because of a family trip, so I only made it to 1.16, but If you guys like this one enough I’ll try to finish the series on a fresh world. Wouldn’t be able to record it for another week at the soonest though. thx for watching my vids! Hope ya have a fantastic day!

  2. doctor4t says:

    I’m sorry to break it down to you Rek, but there are three types of froglights

  3. That Chief Guy says:

    How to look like a tourist in Minecraft: frog on a leash…in the nether

  4. King_DiamondYT says:

    Rek is just another funny guy that we love watching, Stay strong and upload more!

    • Rekdyoface says:

      @Makaria Eigengrau He is completely different to him, he has a completely different type of humour, isn’t even nearly as good at PvP as him and isn’t even as witty as him. All he has is charisma. I’m not insulting RekRap, I really enjoy his videos but he is NOT like Techno. No one will be. We won’t see someone devoting months of their life to farming potatoes as a prank.

    • Makaria Eigengrau says:

      @Rekdyoface certainly has the charisma, wit, and pvp skills. plus the abrupt burst in popularity + subscribers. i wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being like techno’s successor

    • Rekdyoface says:

      @That One Ampharos wouldn’t say that.

    • Rekdyoface says:


    • That One Ampharos says:

      Yea he’s like techno

  5. VoidWorldGaming 1116 says:

    “as long as it just doesn’t find another way to go around, we should be fine”
    you guys smell that it smells like murphy’s law and the faint scent of jinxing yourself

  6. TD BRICKS says:

    This is a creative video idea. Great content!

  7. Nacho_Master says:

    He’s already done his part to save the world.

  8. ElliotRoboXD says:

    I love how everyone just starts screaming as soon as the warden just went over the trap-

  9. Bubbo says:

    Great vid! This was super fun!

  10. Fortcraft Ch Shorts says:

    hi rekrap, I sended you an email a few days ago to offer you to make a colab, the email has all the information about the things that could interest you including a video idea for the colab :3

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